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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

. . .  (Congratulations . . .)

You said on the evening of October 19th that you hoped Canadians would continue to be engaged. In my opinion, that is a must – – Canadians have to assist you in achieving your potential. The take down of democracy by corporate structures is insidious and pervasive in our institutions.   Citizens have to fight to re-claim.   The election of your Government promises to be very helpful. And more so, if we can unseat what I call the corporatocracy.

…  (deleted)

The issue is the Census Long Form.

  • Navdeep Bains, Minister for Innovation & Science received an email from me.   And
  • Maryam Monsef, the Minister Responsible for Democratic Institutions received a facebook request that she review the documentation conveyed to Navdeep

You may not be aware of the serious complications around the Census Long Form:

  • The involvement of Lockheed Martin Corporation at StatsCan
  • The building of detailed files on citizens

I have enclosed copies of


I know that “the office of Justin Trudeau” will open my envelope. I hope someone with an open mind will review it.

If you are doubtful about the need to be open about the situation, I recommend that you refer the information package outside politicized circles for judgment. The question of detailed files on citizens should not be a political matter.   It is a matter of Charter Rights and common sense about Lockheed Martin’s involvement at StatsCan.

The documentation submitted to Navdeep (enclosed) and the many shared stories on my blog show a difficult relationship between StatsCan and citizens. The way to resolve it is not through the employment of “Communications Consultants”.

I almost wish I didn’t have hope – – it places a great burden on you in a fast world where there is insufficient time for reflection.

(sign-off deleted)

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  One Response to “2015-11-06 Expedited post to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau re Census Long Form”

  1. Have you contacted any radio or TV stations with the concerns over the long-form census? I have never seen or heard anything about this on either TV or radio.

    We citizens can debate and discuss the unfairness and undemocratic nature of this form, but as far as I can tell, it is illegal for anyone to refuse to complete the census form, short or long. And very few average citizens can afford what goes along with the legal ramifications of doing that.

    Do you agree?

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