Jun 302016

Significance of the Rule of Law applies to, for example:

  • the visits of war criminals to Canada
  • the fight to insist that Statistics Canada upholds the Rule of Law in its relationships with citizens
  • the awarding of Government contracts to corporations that act outside the Rule of our Laws
  • fixed election dates
  • vaccine passports

Excerpted from    2009-10-08   Arrest Bush:   Letters to RCMP and Chief of Police.  COMPREHENSIVE argument.





We are in big trouble if the laws do not apply to those who govern.

Many of us do not appreciate the significance of  The Rule of Law.  We take it for granted.

We don’t stop to think what it would be like if we DO NOT HAVE the rule of law.

We don’t stop to think about WHAT UNDERMINES the rule of law? . . .  If people see that the law applies to them, but not to rich people, they grow to hold the law in disdain.

Unequal application of the law breaks down the rule of law.  The response then, of those who govern, is to invoke martial law, a police state, because people become unruly.

People comply with the law if they see that it is fair and equally applied.  You can have a measure of PEACE in the community if the Rule of Law is upheld.

Many of us do not appreciate that it is the CITIZENS in a democracy who have responsibility for ensuring that the rule of law is upheld.

We don’t bother to understand that World War Two happened because the PEOPLE in Germany, the influential, the educated, the police, the lawyers, and judges DID NOT stand up and speak up when they saw things that were wrong in the application of the laws.

Citizens have to stop things BEFORE they get out of hand. The German people did not do that.  After a certain point, bad actors cannot be stopped, except through the extreme measures of (World) war.

IF YOU BELIEVE that young lives were expended for a good cause in World War Two, then get the hell off your butts and do something to preserve what they fought and died for.

In pre-war Germany, people did not stand up and insist that law-breakers be arrested and tried in courts of true justice.

As bad actors amassed power, they were allowed to break the laws with no fear of prosecution.

All persons, regardless of wealth, social status, or the political power wielded by them, are to be treated the same before the law.

“The rule of law means that the law is above everyone and it applies to everyone. Whether governors or governed, rulers or ruled, no one is above the law, no one is exempted from the law, and no one can grant exemption to the application of the law.

“The rules must apply to those who lay them down and those who apply them – that is, to the government as well as the governed.  Nobody has the power to grant exceptions.”

People must, of course, KNOW WHAT THE LAW IS, if the rule of law is to be upheld.

We are in big trouble if we are ignorant, because then we are disempowered and at the mercy of bad actors.

The laws as they apply to George Bush for crimes against humanity are spelt out in the letter to the Chief of Police.

We do not have the luxury of being ignorant, and we do not have the luxury of being complacent.


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