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This is supplemental to the film “Vaccine Syndrome”  (the Gulf War Syndrome is accurately a vaccine  syndrome.)

You will meet Bob Lee. He attended Princeton University. He arrived there at 15 years of age, and was there for 7 years studying physics and mathematics, and then graduated out of the Philosophy Department.

At 10:10 in the clip – “It seemed absolutely criminal – because it served those who benefited from the distribution of the vaccine.”

NOTE:  the video is no longer at

TRANSCRIPTION by me (2017-03-06):

at 15:42

The U.S vaccine program is constructed on U.S. policies that impair science and provide huge profits to the vaccine manufacturers with zero liability.  When you have something like that it becomes a money machine that’s very hard to stop.  It fuels lobbyists and it fuels congressional campaigns   . . . 

So mandatory vaccine programs are inherently dangerous.  They go out to a very large number of people with very little tracking and there’s very little recourse if you are injured by a vaccine.

What is required is informed consent.  Informed Consent requires that patients be told upfront what the risk of a disease is and what the risk of a vaccine is, what is known about a vaccine has to be (–?) and a patient must always have the right to say no.  It’s not a question of no, it’s not for me because of a religious basis.  It’s more of no, because I believe it’s not right for me.  Until we can actually understand how each person’s innate immunity interacts with a new antigen it becomes very prudent to always have the ability to say no to a vaccine.  Removing that right is tantamount to fascism by vaccine.

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For background on the anthrax vaccine, please see the plan in 2011 to vaccinate children in the U.S. with the anthrax vaccine.   I thought it was fake news! . . . Not!

I updated it to include the links to the very solid documentation of what happened to adults who were forced to take anthrax vaccinations.

2011-11-30   It’s the biggest medical scandal in U.S. history and it hasn’t even happened yet!  


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