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REFERENCE:   (26 minutes, March 6, 2017)   How race for rubella vaccine can be instrumental in conquering Zika virus  


TO CBC, The Current:

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SUGGESTION:   re vaccines

–  open-minded research.
–  Add what the CDC whistleblower revealed (the recordings of his disclosures are available as of January February 2017, or earlier).
–  Add:  You know there will be character assassination of the whistleblower by Big Pharma and the CDC.

Then make a decision:  does the CBC coverage of vaccines fall prey to the use of fear (Zika) to drive the (no) public debate?

The Vaccine Court in the USA has paid out more than 3 Billion dollars in compensation for injuries caused by vaccines.

Big Pharma is indemnified, they cannot be sued; the American Public foots the bill.   And it is very difficult for the average person to even access a hearing at the Vaccine Court.

Pay-outs of $3 Billion in very difficult-to-obtain compensation  + whistleblower + the well-documented tragedy of anthrax vaccine (below) + the known, extremely corrupt behavior of Big Pharma, the revolving doors with the regulators, the lobbying, the campaign contributions – – –  combine to tell me that the Canadian public should be hearing another side of the story.

The Rubella – Zika program on The Current was a rah! rah! for the industry.

This and an earlier program lead me to think that Big Pharma is responding to the CDC whistleblower  with a campaign to frighten people into believing in the necessity of vaccinations.

They simultaneously silence the whistleblower from being heard in their Canadian market.

But it requires media cooperation for them to accomplish the silencing.


For your consideration,
Sandra Finley

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BACKGROUND on the Anthrax vaccine:   (I didn’t send this to the CBC)

REFERENCE    2011-11-30  It’s the biggest medical scandal in U.S. history and it hasn’t even happened yet!    (2011 Plan to vaccinate children with anthrax vaccine.)

Here’s how the public isn’t told.   A Washington Post article at the above link stated:

The vaccine has been tested extensively in adults and has been administered to more than 2.6 million people in the military.

There is no mention of “with what consequences”  . . .   tragic.   There is an early, short documentary “Direct Order” in this Democracy Now youtube, following a short introduction:,

It’s very good.   The “Gulf War Syndrome”  is a vaccine syndrome.

January 17, 2017.   Vaccines.  No doubt, serious fraud at the CDC.    Scroll down.   An expanded version of “Direct Order” premiered in January 2017, under the name “Vaccine Syndrome”.   I saw and recommend this film.

March 6, 2017.   Additional information was released, see youtube at  2017-03-06   Vaccines Syndrome. Helpful footage on youtube, Bob Lee. (Anthrax)


The horrific consequences of the anthrax vaccines for military personnel were known before the year 2000.   

Only a wacko nutcase would propose to inject children, let alone adults, with the vaccine.

But hey!   If you’ve purchased more than a billion dollars worth of anthrax vaccine from Big Pharma, 

you gotta get rid of it somewhere.

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