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I had heard about Bill C-87 in Ontario, but hoped it wasn't!

Forced injections (vaccinations) are not only an issue of

  • HEALTH  (safety of the vaccines, the number, the age at injection, the ingredients, the combined effects)
  • INFORMED CONSENT  (the information that should be provided is not)

They are

  • a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.

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COMMITTEE HEARINGS (re Vaccines, Ontario Bill C-87):

DEADLINE,  WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS:   5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8, 2017

Public hearings in Toronto:   April 12 and 26,  May 3 and 10   (Contact Clerk of the Committee by 12:00 noon on Friday, May 5 to register).

For Committee address, phone numbers, and a copy of the proposed legislation see


And,   more info on C-87.

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Read on.   If C-87 passes in Ontario,  it is coming to you.  Alberta already has some version of it,  see at very bottom of this posting, under heading “Update on provincial vaccine legislations“.

The movement in the U.S. against legislation that removes choice on whether, which, how many vaccinations, at what age, for your kids,  is growing by leaps and bounds.

The legislation in California is enacted:  if your kids aren’t vaccinated according to schedule they can’t go to school, not public or private.

Electronic, shared health records in the medical system, for every person, plus the ability to dictate the vaccine schedule  – – you have no say over what is injected into your children – – leaves me in disbelief.

It is a battle, not only for the U.S.   Get your boots on!

We need as much awareness, conversation and action on the Ontario legislation as possible, sufficient to stop it.

Many thanks to Vaccine Choice Canada   (VCC)  for their excellent work and the information package below excerpted from their newsletter.

Edda West, the head of VCC, was interviewed for The Truth About Vaccines, great to see the Canadian voice represented.   

Thanks to Janet M for helping distribute VCC’s info, who writes:  ” . . .  & a ton of good links on vaccines down at the bottom.”

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I sent this to 2 interested chiropractors, some First Nations in Ontario.  And many others.  Feel free to copy, edit, and paste.


Subject: ALERT: Vaccines – Ontario legislation to take away choice. Human rights issue.


Forced injections (vaccinations) are not only an issue of

  • HEALTH  (safety of the vaccines, the number, the age at injection, the ingredients, the combined effects)
  • INFORMED CONSENT  (the information that should be provided is not)

They are

  • a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.

Vaccine Choice Canada is creating awareness of Ontario legislation, Bill C-87.   It is a threat to all three.

Similar legislation is definitely in the works in other jurisdictions, and not only Canadian.

C-87 (Ontario)  has passed second reading. And is now in Committee.

Deadline, written submissions:   May 8, 5:00PM.

VCC needs help getting the information out.   Please share with your networks.

Awareness of what is at risk, and lobbying of Ontario’s legislature is very important.    C-87 will have to pass 3rd reading after the Committee Report.

Excerpt,  VCC newsletter,  re  Bill C-87,  see  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=18889.

I suggest sending the information to everyone, regardless of where they live.  Alberta passed some version of C-87 in November 2016.

Note: I am not VCC – –  However, I am informed and aware of the threats posed by the legislation.   I can help answer questions or direct people to more information.

Best wishes,


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Vaccine Choice Canada V-Bulletin   March/April 2017


Vaccine Exemption Rights Threatened

As many of you already know, the Ontario government is in the process of amending the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) for the specific purpose of targeting non-vaccinating families and to narrow parents’ access to vaccine exemptions.

The amendment will also require medical personnel to submit children’s vaccine records to public health officials, a violation of medical privacy rights.

The ISPA amendment is listed as Schedule 1 of Bill 87, the Protecting Patients Act 2016, an omnibus bill which also contains four other legislative amendments unrelated to vaccine exemptions.

As expected, the 2nd reading of Bill 87 (including “education session” amendments to the ISPA) has passed in the Ontario legislature 52 yes 44 no, and has now gone to a legislative committee that will hear submissions from the public.

Members of Vaccine Choice Canada plan on making both oral and written submissions voicing our opposition to the proposed changes to ISPA which we have articulated in our Summary of Concerns document.

These submissions will become part of the legislative and historic record of growing public alarm over government abuse of our informed consent rights and medical privacy laws.   Heather Fraser’s submission to the Committee on April 12, 2017 can be read here.

Since 1984, ISPA has provided parents in Ontario with the legal right to exempt their school age children from any or all vaccines for reasons of conscience or religion.

Once Bill 87 passes 3rd reading and the amendments to ISPA become law, no matter how well educated parents already are on the pros and cons of vaccination, they will be forced to complete an “immunization education session”, prior to being allowed to file a conscience or religious based vaccine exemption for their children.

At this point in time, no one knows the content of these “education sessions” or how they will be conducted or the kind of coercion parents will face.

The second aspect of the ISPA amendment that raises serious concerns is that doctors, nurses and other vaccine providers will be required to provide the medical officer of health (public health official) with the vaccine records of every child they have vaccinated.

Disclosure of patients’ medical records without the patient’s knowledge or consent is a serious breech of medical records privacy laws and must be contested.

In Ontario PHIPA, the  Personal Health Information Protection Act  is the legal instrument that protects people’s right to privacy of their medical records. As explained in this  summary document  patients have the right to “refuse or give consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal health information”, except in certain circumstances such as emergencies.

You have the right to make a voluntary and informed decision about medical treatments that carry a risk of injury or death. This includes vaccination. Your right to decide is protected by Canadian Medical Law and Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act, which uphold the right to Informed Consent.

The supreme law of the land is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects your right to “freedom of conscience and religion” and your right to “security of the person”.

Your body. Your health. Your Right!

Now is the time to speak up for our most basic human right – the right to say NO to unwanted medical treatments like vaccination.

Now is the time to take a stand to protect the right to make voluntary and informed vaccine choices for you and your children.

Now is the time to reject this overt move toward mandatory vaccination laws.

We urge you to make your voices heard!   We encourage you to present an oral or written submission to the legislative committee. Information on how to register to present your statement is provided at this link.


A reminder to our subscribers – we post the top vaccine related news items from at home and abroad daily on our Facebook page. It is the best place to go for up to the minute breaking news at: www.facebook.com/VaccineChoiceCanada/


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Vaccine Choice Canada is a not-for-profit educational society dedicated to promoting health among Canadians by helping families make fully informed and voluntary choices about vaccination.

Vaccine Choice Canada receives no funding from government or corporate sources and is solely supported by our members.

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Excerpt from Vaccine Choice Canada Newsletter,  Jan-Feb 2017:

Update on provincial vaccine legislations


On December 8, 2016, the Ontario government re-introduced a legislative amendment to the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) which will “require parents to complete an immunization education session before filing a statement of conscience or religious belief”.  The amendment is now embedded in Bill 87, Protecting Patients Act which mostly relates to seniors health issues.  

Since it was first introduced last spring as Bill 198, members of Vaccine Choice Canada have worked hard to alert the public about this impending assault on our health freedoms and the right to refuse unwanted medical treatments.  The previous Bill 198 died along with other bills when the Wynne government ‘prorogued’ parliament early last fall.   

The ISPA amendment now resurrected is tucked into Bill 87, the Protecting Patients Act which passed first reading on December 8.  Inserting the ISPA amendment into Bill 87 forces members of parliament who might vote against the ‘vaccine education session’ the province aims to impose on parents, would be conflicted and might feel they have to vote for Bill 87 because the majority of this legislation is about health issues unrelated to vaccines or children’s health.  

Our petition opposing the amendment garnered thousands of signatures and was presented to the Ontario legislature on three separate occasions. Many people met with their provincial members of parliament to voice their concerns about this restrictive legislation and to protest against the narrowing of our right to make voluntary and educated vaccine choices for our children. A foundational concern is that this bill violates the medical ethic of Informed Consent, and our Canadian Charter rights of freedom of conscience and religion.   

When the new session of the Ontario legislature convenes on February 21, Bill 87 will be pushed along to second reading, at which point we may have the opportunity to make a presentation opposing the amendment to a legislative committee. We must keep up the pressure on legislators….. 


An amendment to Alberta’s public health Act passed 3rd reading on Novermber 22, 2016.  The amendment gives public health officials more power to access children’s vaccination records, and will increase pressure on parents to comply with the provincial vaccine schedule.  This reply  (pdf) to VCC from Health Minister Sarah Hoffman also confirms that vaccination remains voluntary and that a form will be available for parents refusing vaccination for their child. We have not yet seen the form on the government website. 

“Student enrolment information will then be used by public health professionals, employed by AHS, to contact parents of students with missing immunization information to inform them that their child is missing immunization records, and to explain the benefits of immunization to parents with doubts or concerns. Parents will have to provide their child’s immunization records, complete any needed immunizations, get a letter from a doctor indicating a medical exemption, or sign a form indicating they decline immunization for their child. Immunization will remain voluntary.” 

Parents’ letter of concern to the Premiere of Alberta 

Alberta parents voice their concern about these new regulations. 

As of this writing, searches of the Alberta government website do not yield a link to a vaccine exemption form.  

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UPDATE #1 (Sandra speaking):

There is this update at the last link above:

Bill 28-Public Health Amendment Act received Royal Assent outside of house sitting and came into force on Nov.9, 2016, with exceptions, on Nov. 9, 2016.  PCE (Parents for Choice in Education) never received any response to questions asked below, from any member in the legislature, prior to the passing of this bill into law. 

UPDATE #2  (Sandra speaking):

April 18, 2017:   Ouch!   A trustee of the Edmonton School Board obtained unanimous support from the Board for action to make vaccinations more mandatory in Alberta than they already are.

Good news:  a petition

April 19 UPDATE:   Alberta Govt announces it is not supporting the Edmonton School Board position.   But read the article,  the discussion remains ill-informed.  And how I hate it when the leading proponents are PhD candidates.  From universities infiltrated by Big Pharma.

Alberta government not supporting mandatory vaccinations for students

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