Feb 272018

See below for the link to the live-streaming.   And thanks to Jim for notice.  The poster link for the event is at bottom.

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Professor Roach responded.

My note to him:

I think there is an element of human behaviour that goes unaddressed in the debate.

I inputted to CBC Sunday Edition, following their discussion of jury reform.

You might be interested:


Professor Roach, reply:

I agree there are many reasons why Indigenous people would not want to be on the jury or indeed even respond to the jury summons- I will address this in my talk.

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It will start at 1pm CST.


Katie Riley

Events Coordinator

College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

Phone (306) 966-5658

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From: Jim Pulfer
Sent: February 27, 2018 7:52 AM

Prof Roach will be speaking on jury reform this coming Wednesday (Feb 28) at 1pm (local) in the Aikins Lecture Theatre, Law Building, U of S.

In the light of the Stanley trial, he’s going to be discussing jury reform. To my mind, this is about as important as it gets – for all of us. If you can’t get to hear it, I’ll try to get a manuscript (or pdf file) of his paper for limited circulation.

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