May 162018

In follow-up to  (2018-01-15)   Input to Govt: How can the Criminal Justice system be changed to better suit Canadians?,

the Government Report “What we heard . . . ”  is at

I have so far only skimmed “The Conclusions“.

I want to know what is envisioned by:

collaborative approaches that partner with social systems, the private sector, and others in the criminal justice system . . .  

I read “the private sector” as “the corporate sector”.   Corporate values are fine in the Commercial sphere of a society – – it’s where they belong.  They are NOT okay in the sphere of Governance.  Business values are DIFFERENT from, and do not serve the public interest.

We are deliberately setting up conflicts-of-interest

against which Laws have been written,

SPECIFICALLY because of the CORRUPTION of Governance that always results.  

See  Thinkers of the Day on the Unholy Alliances between Government (public institutions) and Industry

Somewhere on this blog I have posted the experience in the U.S. with the intrusion of the “private sector” into the justice system.

I need to make time to read and digest this Report on the Public Consultations.   And the Government’s “next steps”.

Also need to look for the reactions of other citizens to the Report.    Please use the Comments below to share your thoughts.   Thanks!   /Sandra

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