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No discrimination

9.  (1) Neither the Governor in Council nor the Minister shall, in the execution of the powers conferred by this Act, discriminate between individuals or companies to the prejudice of those individuals or companies. 

ALSO, UNDER THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, LAWS CANNOT BE APPLIED UNEQUALLY.   I am sorry, I’ve forgotten which one of you articulated so brilliantly!:

Regardless of the specifics of a case, equality before the law is a principle that must be defended.  In other words, a law applied inconsistently is not a law but a breach of the law and any time the judiciary condones such a practice it violates a sacred duty and must be called to account.”

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I wrote StatsCan in 2004,  to tell them it was wrong to outsource StatsCan work to Lockheed Martin Corp.  It was in the early days of social media.  Thousands of Canadians did the same – – –  (note to self, Nov 2018 – – look up the links.)  I blogged information.  The Census started.  Anil Arora phoned, to convince me to fill in my census form.  We spoke for about 45 minutes.  From my point-of-view,  he provided unsound arguments.  And did not deal with my objections.    I received numerous threats –  –  fill in the form, provide your personal information to us,  or  you will be prosecuted, fined and jailed.  Nearing the end of the two year Statute of Limitations for prosecution,  I received a Summons to Court.   Not selective prosecution?   And not an attempt to take away my Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information, without going through the steps required by the Law, for a Charter Override?

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INPUT FROM LAWYER:  Sun 1/23/2011  


I took a look at the transcript (my trial), and he said that 64 people were charged. He refused to provide an answer on compliance, claiming that compliance was a moving target (he claimed they were still trying to get answers at the time of the hearing). We never did get compliance numbers from him, and he was really evasive, but he never actually said that only 64 people failed to comply – he said that 64 were charged.

Steven Seiferling 

McKercher LLP

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Anil Arora said that the 2006 census was no different from other years.  The rate of non-compliance was consistent with past censuses.

I received the census “long form” (40 pages with 50 questions).  A former employee of StatsCan has been in touch with me anonymously and said that the rate of non-compliance with the long form doubled between the 2001 and the 2006 censuses.

This would be consistent with newspaper reports of non-compliance levels, it would be consistent with the Vive le Canada and “Count Me Out” websites.  It is consistent with the numerous emails I have received from people who did not comply and were not referred for prosecution.

I introduced newspaper articles to the Court “35,000 First Nations” did not fill in their census forms, etc..  Anil Arora did not budge from the mantra “64 people were referred to the Justice Department for prosecution”.

2008-01-15   No charges sought for 35,000 (200,000 by 2010) natives who ignore census


A repeated theme of my work over the years has been that Government use of “spin doctors” or “communications specialists” also contributes to the undermining of our system of governance. We learn to mistrust what the Government says, because too many times we see through the spin. It is as though we are thought to be stupid.

In the G&M article Census branch director-general Peter Morrison is quoted:  “Mr. Morrison called the response to the census a “resounding success,” especially on Canada’s native reserves.”

The response to the Census was a disaster that caused large cost overruns as the Government sought to get compliance.  There were numerous, repeating newspaper reports of StatsCan efforts in the face of low return rates.  The part of the statement related to First Nations, of and by itself MIGHT be true.  But in the context of the court cases “resounding success,” is very misleading.

First Nations’ compliance is a separate issue.  It was being handled by StatsCan, Jan.2008:  “Statistics Canada seeks co-operative approach as compliance climbs“.

“Charges won’t be pursued against natives on reserves because their compliance rates used to be considerably worse, says Anil Arora, director general of the census program branch at Statistics Canada.”

 NOTE:  in January 2008 when the “35,000 natives” article was written, Anil Arora was identied as the director general.  In the July article “Two face jail“, Peter Morrison is the director-general.  Morrison’s expense claims in 2009 and 2010 for travel to the International Census Forum   and  To attend the Steering Committee Meeting with Lockheed Martin and visit the United States Data Processing Centre (DPC) site    are at the bottom of

2016-03-18   Does Lockheed Martin Corp have a role in the 2016 Census?

This posting addresses collaboration by specified countries (Canada) on data bases of citizens in their statistics departments (census bureaux), under the Steerage of Lockheed Martin Corp.  From its website, a specialty of Lockheed Martin is international surveillance.  It works with the NSA.  Edward Snowden revealed to the world what the NSA does, and that “back door” entrance to data bases is the game, if they can’t get front door (legal) access.

The posting also documents some of the “Credibility Gap” at StatsCan.

The newspaper reports and the volumes of traffic on my blog (“Comments”) – – people seeking information, tells you that thousands of people did not comply with the 2006 census – Anil Arora misled the Court (my trial) under oath.

See also:

2013-10   Lockheed Martin Census: StatsCan math is wrong on non-compliance. It’s 11%, not 2%. Under oath at the trial of Audrey Tobias.

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