Feb 062019

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Excellent letter!  A request to support the Strathcona Resolution

Offered for use as a Template.


Many thanks to Julie:

Here is the letter that has gone out to QB, Parksville council and the RDN (Regional District Nanaimo) board.

If it can be passed onto other jurisdictions encouraging their local government to vote in favour of this resolution, that would be great.



Letter on behalf of APLUC  (Arrowsmith Parks & Land Use Council).

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UPDATE    Feb. 6/19:


I am getting feedback from some of the councillors/directors that the letter has been sent to.  So far, folks seem supportive.  I think from their perspective they want to know if this is a preventive measure motion or how it might affect operators in their jurisdictions.

I have been emphasizing that this motion speaks solely to operators that export their water internationally ie China, States and would not affect commercial operators that deliver bulk water to mostly local rural customers.  I have also stressed that local agri operators are very interested to see this motion approved.

If other folks send this out to their local reps they could add the above concepts to the letter  or put it in the body of the email that introduces the letter.

Thanks, Julie

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  • Local Haulers” deliver bulk water to local people.   The water is from a tap, the municipal water supply.  The Resolution does not apply to local haulers.
  • The BACKGROUND for the Resolution, as submitted to AVICC is changed.  (The Resolution and supporting info is at (no password)  2019-01-24 The Strathcona ResolutionThe posting has the changed BACKGROUND.)

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