Apr 142019

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Subject:  April 12, re changes to governance of Dental & Medical professions


Dear  (Host of Program),

The interviewee said:

There is a shortage of health care workers across Canada.

 The accurate statement is:

There is an over-supply of sick and damaged people across Canada.


Understand it this way:

Bees (insects) and songbirds will have a chance of surviving in Bavaria because,  in response to projected extinctions within 20 to 30 years, they recently passed legislation that will phase out chemical farming (coating the land with poisons).

Of course,  those same chemicals are playing havoc with the health of the human population, too.   Hence the court awards (California) in favor of plaintiffs whose cancers have been caused by Monsanto (now Bayer)’s ag chemicals.

The Court wins offer a glimmer of hope in North America that disease and developmental problems in the human population could eventually start to reverse upward trend lines.   In which case we might eventually reach a situation where we care enough about the planet and its inhabitants to stop the rampant poisoning. Canada might save our insects and songbirds, too.


BTW:   in my life’s experience,  I have yet to know a profession that self-regulates in service to the public interest.  There is a conflict-of-interest.  Self-regulation always staunchly protects the interests of the profession.

Best wishes,

Sandra Finley

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