May 242019


2015-03 What is IARC?  IARC 2015 “classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” . . . and “strong” evidence for genotoxicity.

2018-10-08 Recommend: Australian video, The secret tactics Monsanto used to protect Roundup, its star product.   Includes interviews of IARC, CropLife, Monsanto Executive and Regulators. | ABC News (Australia)



Originally aired on Enquête in French on February 21, 2019.
The Monsanto Papers are secret company documents that show disturbing practices used to defend glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, including allegations of ghostwriting of scientific articles.  They show how a Canadian firm recruited scientists to publish certain studies and how a number of them were secretly reviewed by Monsanto prior to publication. The same studies were used as part of Health Canada’s re-approval process of glyphosate. The Monsanto Papers were released in the court case of Dewayne Johnson, a cancer patient who sued Monsanto and won a $78 million settlement in 2018.
Producer: Gil Shochat Journalist: Sylvie Fournier Editing: Bernard Lapointe, Christian Paul, Jean-François Vézina Caméramen: Oussama Farah, Jean-Pierre Gandin, Laurent Racine, Michel Riverin, Luc St-Pierre

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