Dec 022011

Corporate ownership of farmland

” . .   allocate a portion of their portfolios to farmland without the need to take on the complex responsibilities of ownership themselves.”

The information below is about Canada (Agcapita).

CBC Radio, The Current, did an interview some months ago on this same topic – –   a large pool of money (an American hedge fund managed by a Canadian woman) and the country was Africa.  It was pretty insidious how they propagandized African farmers about how much better off they would be if they sold their land but continued to farm it.

And it seemed obvious to me that the new “owners” will be dictating what crops and how they are raised (bioteched and chemicalled).  It’s industrialized farming and the number of “employees” won’t be many, not with the big machines they will bring in.  I hope there are lots of people to spread the word – the new owners won’t care whether or not local people are employed and can continue to feed themselves.

Oh Lord!  what problems are created when there are large amounts of money in one place!   Coupled with absentee ownership – – give your money to someone to invest and all you care about is “return on investment”.   We will all pay the food and environmental costs associated with this type of unsustainable, impoverishing agriculture.

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Agcapita is Canada’s only RRSP eligible farmland fund.  Agcapita believes farmland is a safe investment, that supply is shrinking and that unprecedented demand for “food, feed and fuel” will continue to move crop prices higher over the long-term. Agcapita allows investors to add professionally managed farmland to their portfolios.


Welcome to AGcapita

Agcapita is a farmland investment fund built around the core premise that the world is in a bull market in commodities driven by inflation and a step-change increase in demand and, accordingly, that investments with direct or indirect exposure to commodities in a politically stable environment such as Canada will provide above average returns. We match sound macro-economic thinking with sound operational strategies to generate long-term returns by finding asset classes with:

•   Strong macro drivers: favorable supply/demand situation

•   Margin of safety: low asset prices or ability to acquire cash flow cheaply

•   Tax efficiency: assets that can be held by private flow through vehicles and are eligible for registered plans


Agcapita is structured to allow investors to cost effectively allocate a portion of their portfolios to farmland without the need to take on the complex responsibilities of ownership themselves. Agcapita is Canada’s only RRSP eligible farmland investment fund and our third fund is currently open to investors.

Agcapita Farmland Fund I – closed

Agcapita Farmland Fund II – closed

Agcapita Farmland Fund III – open – Investment Documents

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