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The first email,   GM Wheat is back.   Email to Carole Swan, head of the CFIA   makes the point that decisions on GM wheat will not serve the public interest until we get the corporate interest out of Government.


The second point is made in the letter below to the RCMP:  the Government and University are the creators of the terrorists.

The letter is a continuation of correspondence,   2008-11-09  Encana Tar Sands:  Reply from RCMP    

UPDATE:  It was extremely important in 2008 and 2009 to talk with every police officer we know about the effects of the failure of the Government to regulate industry – people who try to protect their families from the poisoning become the so-called “terrorists”.   If the conversations with the police have taken place, then it is hard for the Government and industry propaganda to bear fruit.  See 2013-02-14  Canada’s environmental activists seen as ‘threat to national security’, The Guardian

(The 3rd in the series is  2009-08-31   3.  GM Wheat   Critique of Penner’s “Synchronized introduction of GM Wheat”)


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August 31, 2009

TO:  The RCMP  Anti-Terrorist Squad

CC:  Carole Swan,  Head of the CFIA


Dear Lloyde (Plante),


I have to do this well, or I’ll get myself into trouble.  Sorry for the length.

It’s another real-life example of how “terrorists” are created.

This time I am the one who has the potential to become “the terrorist” (so-called).

I am hoping you will share this example with other people in the RCMP.  I’d appreciate if you would forward it to the anti-terrorist squad responsible for Saskatchewan where I live.

By working together with people who value democracy in preference to policed states, perhaps I will not have to become a so-called “terrorist”!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Our earlier correspondence regarding:

1. the “incidents” on the Encana pipeline at Dawson Creek (question: are the perpetrators “terrorists” or are they people defending themselves against slow death perpetrated by the emitters of sour gas poisoning?)

2. the visit by George Bush to Canada (he and his administration launched an illegal, killing war on Iraq based on false statements and yet International Law and the laws of Canada do not apply to him?)

(And note he’s coming to Canada again; this will be the third time since he became not-president.   “G.W. Bush is scheduled to visit Montreal, October 22, 2009.”)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Anyhow, that earlier correspondence drew out two contrasting views:


1.  In the case of Encana:  Violence, and the threat of violence, are not acceptable or necessary because we have the means for non-violent dispute resolution through the justice system.




2.  People who protect their families from becoming diseased and dead from poisons put into their air and water and soil and food by corporations that are in bed with the Government officials who are supposed to be regulating the corporations, are not terrorists.

George Bush and the people who brought him and Condoleeza Rice to Canada can act without fear of the law, because the law works well for them, but not for everyday people.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In my practical everyday experience, I have found that  the latter view reflects reality.   Here we have yet another example:

This email to you is prompted by a commentary in the FINANCIAL POST, AUGUST 19, 2009 by Rolf Penner, “Manitoba vice-president of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, one of the organizations calling for the synchronized introduction of GM wheat.”

The laws don’t work well for people from around the world who have fought hard against the introduction of GM Wheat and higher levels of chemical applications.  Its introduction will benefit the chemical/biotech corporations.  And their other half: there will be more cancer and other disease and developmental problems, all of which are a great boon to the profits of Big Pharma.

Parkinson’s disease, cancers, developmental problems, etc. all have a known connection to exposure to synthetic chemicals.  Exposures increase with more chemicals.

A rational person (Sandra Finley) might think:

–  if I happened to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or terminal cancer (I am not)

–  if I should have a grandchild born with developmental problems including cognitive impairment

–  if I should have a grandchild who develops cancer

(so far, I don’t have any of these situations)

what would I have to lose by carrying out a so-called “terrorist” act?  I or my grandchild would be going to die a slow and awful, premature death anyway.

My act of so-called “terrorizing” (like incidents on the Encana pipeline) might make it possible for others to live in health; the same ugly death might be less likely to happen to them.

Isn’t that what soldiers die for
– they die so that others might live in freedom (in health)?  Why shouldn’t I offer my life, especially if it was a diseased life anyway, for others?

And indeed, if I or some others do NOT take these so-called “terrorist” steps against the corporate perpetrators and/or their collaborators, then we know with certainty that there will be INCREASING numbers of people who die slow, diseased death.  It’s murder and murder with lies – just like the George Bush war – but it’s SLOW.  And the killing agents are invisible.

It’s worse than a guy who pulls a trigger to kill someone.  It’s more like death by torture.  I mean, if I developed Parkinson’s disease I might think it was a long and torturous death.  My family might think the same.

You get angry when you know the people at whose hands you suffer.  Ah! And there’s the crux.

We KNOW a major contributor (cause) of Parkinson’s Disease – it happens to be the same thing that contributes to cognitive impairment in children, cancer and so on … chemicals that are classified as “carcinogenic” and “teratogenic” and sometimes chemicals for which the “inert” ingredients aren’t listed.

Now, these people (corporations) have launched another lying attempt to get GM wheat registered (see the Financial Post article in the next email).  GM wheat will contribute negatively to our health.  It has the potential to make a few people rich through control of the seed for a basic food crop, wheat.

Thousands of people from around the world have fought long and hard, using all variety of peaceful and innovative and informed measures to stop these corporations and their collaborators in Governments and Universities.   Just like they tried to stop the Bush Administration from dropping bombs on the people of Iraq in an illegal war of aggression.

If I, the citizen – Sandra Finley, am unsuccessful in engaging

– thousands of other citizens and

– you (the police) and
– the justice system and

– the universities (our knowledge base and the ones who are credentialing the sheep)

to stop the corporate agenda (corporations were behind and are the beneficiaries of the war and of GM Wheat) we know that I have the potential to become the so-called terrorist.

I am going to try my damnedest, along with others, to engage the thousands of citizens.  I hope to engage the RCMP and other police officers.   The corporations try to use the police and the justice system to protect their financial interests AND to intimidate those who challenge their right to profit mightily at our expense.

We’ll see what happens with GM Wheat.  Will Carole Swan, president of the CFIA be persuaded that the public interest comes before the corporate interest?

Normally I would have to also engage the media in my efforts to assert the common good.  But I think this is less and less a factor because we have email & internet networks.  But those to whom democracy is a threat, are already determined to stop that.  I see where there is legislation going forward in the U.S. for “Emergency Control” of the Internet  (

This communication to you is an effort in EFFECTIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.   I will send it to my email network.

If people support the effort to boot the transnational corporations the hell out of government and the university, they will pass this email along.  Thousands of people will receive this email, which means growing awareness of the problem and more determination to resolve it.

I will ask people to pass this email along to every law-enforcement officer they know, because the police might want to know who is “the terrorist” and who isn’t. They might see that the so-called “terrorists” are actually people working to protect the children of the police officers. A decision to take up arms against citizens, to protect the financial interests of unregulated corporations might be attractive or unattractive to them.

The introduction of GM wheat has ramifications beyond what you might imagine.  The battle against its introduction was fought a few years ago and now it’s back.

The lies surrounding GM wheat are almost as pernicious as the lies used to launch the illegal war on Iraq.

The collaborators in Government, in the universities, and in some organizations are just as much enablers as were the collaborators that made the Iraq War possible.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world tried to stop the Iraq War, unsuccessfully.

Tens of thousands of people around the world have worked on stopping the introduction of GM wheat.  Because it is bad for the public good.  The introduction of GM wheat will be another transfer of wealth into corporate hands, with huge associated costs transferred to citizens to pay.

I did not dream that corporate make-money interests would win the decision to drop bombs on Iraq.  I believed there was so much outspoken, peaceful resistance that the Bush administration would not dare to launch a war of outright aggression, with no grounds based on truth.  I guess they believed their lies would not be found out and so they dropped the bombs regardless.

Now we have GM wheat.  When you read the documentation, and know the extent to which the transnational corporations are into the Government and the University, there is reason to believe that they will be successful in launching what will be another atrocity.  More disease and death.  The facts make it clear.

So what do I do, Lloyde?

The RCMP have been dispatched in the past to the homes of organic farmers, at Monsanto’s urging, and to protect the interests of Monsanto. (The Organic Directorate had helped to raise money to thwart Monsanto’s use of the court system to break the people who stood up to it.)

All you have to do is to look at how Monsanto used the Canola Growers as a vehicle to further its interests (e.g. the Canola growers had intervenor status at the Supreme Court on Monsanto’s side; Ed Sirski was on the Board.  He and his wife received things like an all-expense paid trip to Spain. And so on.)

Now we have the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association being used in a renewed attempt to get GM wheat licensed. And it’s a guy named Rolf Penner.

Conflicts-of-interest, bribes (Monsanto over bovine growth hormone in the 1990’s), demotion of scientists and promotion of “administrators” in government, lies, court convictions a mile long, people with ties to the industry in decision-making positions in the governments (the U.S. examples are more widely publicized), withdrawal of government funding to the universities so that they become dependent upon industry and adopt “corporate” agendas, revolving doors between industry, government and the universities, immunity to citizen efforts because the industry is supplying the money, in Saskatchewan no laws to prevent corporate contributions to political parties, de-regulate and de-regulate, “results based” regulation – industry will regulate itself (yeah, sure – we didn’t learn anything from the economic crisis), abdication of government responsibility, the justice system as a mafia-like tool of coercion used by the chem/biotech industry (and more recently the University) to silence its critics.  . . .

when it comes  to protecting the common good, the public interest, do I have an alternative other than to become a so-called “terrorist”? 

Has non-violent  resistance worked? 

How can citizens tackle this mountain of corruption?

If you label me a terrorist, there will be terrorism – because no one will be addressing the root of the problem.  And the root of the problem is simple: corporate power has almost taken over government.  It is a model of government familiar to Africa characterized by one word:  corrupt.

The “Western Canadian Wheat Growers” have to take back their own organization.

Or, citizens have to realize that our food system is rapidly falling into the hands of the corporations, to our great detriment.

We have to mount ANOTHER fight to stop the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Ag Canada), responsible for registration) and its companion-corporations like Monsanto, BASF, Dow, Bayer Crop Science, etc.  The PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency – Health Canada) is part of it, too.

All we need is a critical mass of informed people who will exercise the power they have, when they are working together to solve problems.

Unfortunately, when we exercise our power against those who want to hold onto their power, they will do everything and anything to stop us.

All for now.

Best wishes,


Sandra Finley  (contact info)

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