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Hi Sandra;   . . .   A friend of mine is working with people in Guatemala and they are experiencing possibly an outbreak of Tuberculosis. I thought that you told me that you had TB once in your lungs and had treated it herbally? If so, can you tell me what you used? My friend would be very interested in this, as sometimes the people don’t use the medication properly and then the disease is drug resistant.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Pam,

IMPORTANT:  I am not a medical doctor.  Most allopathic doctors will disagree with me.  I am providing to you my own personal experience.  No doctor can argue with that.

ALSO IMPORTANT:  my case was diagnosed early in its development, before it became contagious.

There wasn’t a single herbal remedy that brought my TB under control.    “The cure” was:

  1. Dealing with things that, unbeknownst to me, were weakening my immune system.
  2. Taking/doing things to boost my immune system.

I’ll get that written down and send it to you separately.
Below you will find links to information I have already documented about TB.

A quick message on “the cure”

–         The community should not let itself get afraid and panicked.    Fear is a great stressor that will weaken their ability to regain health.  Everyone in their community will be healthier if they deal with this together.

FROM MY POINT-OF-VIEW, your friend is on the right path (resistant organisms).   But the non-drug approach is not straight-forward and not without pitfalls.

The community has alternatives:

  1. Use the drug protocols
  2. Be mindful of resistant organisms which means trying some non-drug approaches with some people
  3. Other ideas they may figure out themselves

In order for a non-drug approach to work – if it can work – –  there has to be a buy-in from the community – – for example, people need to agree to be quarantined if their case is contagious.

If the community chooses a non-drug approach,  they should know why they are NOT choosing the drug approach.

I would recommend that, as a first step, the community discuss the drug approach in detail – what they know.   Add to it the following which is what I know.

The second step would be to consider the non-drug approach – – what they already know, coupled with what worked for me, which I will  write-up and send to you as soon as I can.

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I had an active case of TB, diagnosed before it became contagious.  I overcame it without using the drugs.  The old doctor who was head of TB Control in Saskatchewan at the time was agreeable (gave his encouragement) to trying a non-drug approach because the TB wasn’t yet contagious.  He understands the issue of resistant organisms and the need for experimentation.   We had time.  If it didn’t work, I could still go on the drugs.

I worked with both him (regular check-ups) and a Naturopathic doctor.

(Note:  The woman who is head of TB Control here now would not have let me do this.    I had to report to her for follow-up after the old doctor retired.    I was in full and vigorous health, and had been for a year, maybe two.  She read in my chart that I hadn’t taken the drugs;  she is absolute black-and-white,  if you have TB you take the drugs.  She is power-and-control and was about to force me to take them (in spite of my obvious healthfulness) –  it could have come to fisticuffs.   Fortunately I have learned a bit about assertiveness.)

For the reason you cite (development of resistant organisms) the drug approach to TB is not the best approach, the way I see things.  It assumes that we are incapable of developing some other way to combat the organism.  I also believe it does not serve the patient because the drugs do not address what is at the root of the health problem.  The drugs might provide a fix.  But in time, whatever is underlying (causing weakened immunity) is likely to manifest in some other form of ill health.  There is a good chance that the TB patient will have continuing health problems.  Keep in mind that a significant percentage (30% is the number I’ve seen) of people walk around with the TB organism;  it is not a problem for them because their  immune system keeps it in check.  Our insides are full of little creatures, some good, some not-so-good.

My case of TB demonstrates:  if we neglect poverty (where TB resides) we do it at our own peril.  TB is on the rise, it will spread to the not-poor.

Also, the drug-company efforts to find the “next cure” are immoral.  They use people in 3rd world countries to test their new concoctions.  The Government of Nigeria brought criminal charges against Pfizer for killing Nigerians who were used for drug testing.  The case was settled out of court.

Here is the information I have circulated regarding tuberculosis.

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(The next 3 postings from the Winnipeg Free Press, by journalist Jen Skerritt, are excellent.)

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(For the last posting, see item #5.   Also  #6, the Nigerian case.   It includes reference to the book/movie “The Constant Gardener” which is all about Big Pharma’s interest in tuberculosis.)



The approach used was:  why didn’t my immune system deal with the TB organism?   (many healthy people carry the organism, it doesn’t become active)

Details in another email (posting)


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