Feb 202012

Instead of repeating the information on dynamic systems in different contexts,  I will place it in one place – here.  For now, all I have time to do is copy and paste, as I come across the info.

1.   Immune system as a dynamic system, from   http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=1118 2011-01-28 Rebuttal: Slow poisoning by mercury (dental amalgams & vaccinations). Immune system. Corrupt Big Pharma.

I am like a fish; I store mercury in my body.

They say that the mercury that has been in my mouth for 50 years  (in my dental amalgams)  is fine.  It “off-gases” into my body.   But don’t eat those fish.  They have mercrury in them! There is  mercury in a tetanus or a flu shot.   But don’t eat those fish.  They have mercury in them!

Like the fish, I die if I do not have water.  Like the fish, I die if my immune system is overwhelmed.  There is no “me” without my immune system.

A discussion on a causal relationship between mercury poisoning and health is without value if it doesn’t incorporate knowledge of how the immune system works.  The immune system is a “dynamic system”.  The rules of dynamic systems apply.

(INSERT:  Dynamic systems briefly:  feedback loops, appropriate corrective action has to be taken in time, appropriate action is directed at removal of cause of the problem, otherwise the system will continue to decline, once you are past the tipping point decay gathers momentum,  and past the tipping point it is not possible to reverse the downward spiral.  Damage is permanent and irreversible.  The system does not have sufficient resources to repair itself and return to healthy equilibrium.)

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