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StatsCan dodges responsibility with the claim that they have nothing to do with the awarding of  Government contracts.  It is the responsibility of Public Works.

And behind it all is the Privy Council Office, running the Government’s show.

The responsible officials are:


  1. Wayne Smith
    Chief Statistician of Canada since the summer of 2010
    Telephone: 613  951  9493
    E-mail:Wayne.Smith  AT

Munir Sheikh Munir.Sheikh AT was the Chief Statistician from July 2008 to July 21, 2010 when he resigned because the Government made the long form no longer mandatory (which it never was, anyway, because of the Charter Right to Privacy of personal information).  

Anil Arora was a head of the Census operation.  He was the StatsCan witness at my trial on January 11 & 12, 2010.  I received an anonymous phone call from a StatsCan employee in March saying that Anil Arora is no longer at StatsCan.  He was moved to another position.  No explanation was offered.

The original census contracts with Lockheed Martin go back at least to 2003 when the Liberals were in power.  Ivan Felligi was then the Chief Statistician, the one who received the initial onslaught of thousands of emails in protest over the out-sourcing to Lockheed Martin Corporation.  Felligi remained at StatsCan in a senior advisory role after he stepped down from the job of Chief Statistician. 

  1.  Tony Clement, Minister of Industry (responsible for StatsCan) since Oct 30, 2008

  minister.industry AT ic.gc.caClement.T AT  (613) 944  7740. 


c.     François Guimont, Deputy Minister of Public Works since June 2007 (before that he was head of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, well-known to us because of the CFIA’s kowtowing service to the biotech corps like Monsanto, the patenting of life forms –  our food supply engineered by the criterion that the crops can be sprayed with chemicals and not die).    The Deputy of Public Works is responsible for the negotiation of Government contracts.   819  956  1706;  francois.guimont  AT

c.     Rona Ambrose, Minister Responsible for Public Works since January 2010.    Ambrose.R  AT;  613 996  9778



            Clerk of the Privy Council 

            “The Privy Council Office (PCO) provides essential advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet.”  

            The PCO has been instrumental in determining who goes into strategic jobs in the management of the public service – deputy minister positions, etc. Through strategic job placements, the public service can be molded to respond to corporate interests. People who are relatively weak, who are motivated by money and being able to rub shoulders with “influential” people are ideal candidates for strategic corporate-friendly job placements. 

Privy Council Office
Telephone : (613) 957-5153 

Mr. Wayne G. Wouters was appointed Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet by the Prime Minister on July 1st, 2009.

e-mail:  info AT

Contact the PM:  pm AT

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