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Uncompromising Photos” is only one in a long series of revelations that make you ask, “What in hell has happened to our humanity?”

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My old mantra:  in order to bring a disintegrating system back to health,

  • Address the root cause.
  • The intervention has to be “timely”.
  • If you remove a symptom but not the cause, the system will continue to disintegrate.
  • When descent reaches the tipping point, the resources for recovery are too depleted.  The system collapses.  The collapse accelerates as things fall in upon themselves.

On that cheery note, it’s time to step back from “the battles” to assess the situation.

There is a multitude of citizen actions to bring about correction – do they address cause?

Cause is not easy to figure out.

And it is only one of the steps toward salvation!

Hannah Arendt dug up roots of the disintegration of European humanity in Nazi / fascist Europe.

I felt compelled to type up excerpts from her writing after receiving “Uncompromising Photos Expose Juvenile Detention in America”.  Both are posted at http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5019.  I read, I under-lined, I typed the words, I re-read them and I get turned on all over again!  Hannah Arendt is insightful.  I love her!

We have to see through the jumble of events and discern what is happening today.  “Uncompromising Photos” is only one in a long series of revelations that make you ask, “What in hell has happened to our humanity?”.

the political crises of the twentieth century (the Nazis, etc.) can be viewed in terms of a breakdown in morality

We are experiencing a breakdown in morality in North America today.  Arendt’s observation:  the danger in morality is that it changes.  It is not a secure and stable guide for us.

Salvation does not lie in morality.   We had better understand where it does lie;  at this point there is no time to make mistakes!  I am not anxious to do a repeat of Nazi Europe.

” . . . the ability to think, which Eichmann lacked, is the precondition of judging, and that the refusal as well as the inability to judge … invite evil to enter and infect the world.

..the strictly moral power of judgment . .  she wrote that judging “may indeed prevent catastrophes . . . (Arendt uses the example of the Danish people in Nazi Europe. See http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5019 )


ROOT CAUSE: It seems to me that morality in decline is a SYMPTOM then, of our failure to stand up and say, “This is wrong”.  AND FURTHER  “These actions of this specific person are at fault.”

I love this about Arendt.  She goes on to address the WHY WE DON’T carry through on the public statement.  Which brings me to the theme “Figure me out.  Figure you out.”  And if we don’t there will be no salvation from the deterioration that is happening around us.

Her judgment of the pope raised the further question of why we avoid our responsibility to judge the failure of a particular man . . to act; and why, rather than exercise judgment, we prefer to throw out two thousand years of Christianity and discharge the very idea of humanity.

I’m signing off!  before I repeat everything that is already posted at http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5019

Some of the next emails will apply the lessons learned from Hannah Arendt.




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Email from Sandra Finley



  2 Responses to “2012-04-15 Figure me out. Figure you out. Salvation is coming. With help from Hannah Arendt.”

  1. Sandra, you and I agree on these many things.
    I can only speak however from my own experience and research and that is’ very straight forward; this “collapse” of the USA and its society and the infrastructure that “serves it” is not so much a result of “humanities lack of moral integrity”, but from their lack of “accoutablility”. Not everyone in the USA is held to the same “accountability standards”—some it seems are “held to little or no” standards of accountability.
    WE believe that a major part of that is their “collective religions”.
    For those of the “Christian belief system”—-they “will be forgiven”; with the exception of perhaps suicide “anything they do”; if they simply ask for forgiveness and then “forgive” others”————-according to that concept; when you stand “in judgment” your “sins” are forgiven. For the Jews, they have their “day of attonement”—as well as the Muslims with their own “day of attonement”.
    We of the “Native American belief system also known as the “Medicine Way” simply believe——- that “if you do not do things you NEED forgiveness for; you will need no “FORGIVENESS”———–we hold ourselves accountable for our actions “first”—this being the case; we have no need to be forgiven.
    We believe that if your ‘heart is pure and your intentions are honorable, you will have the strength of ten, and will never need to fear your actions. To be “honorable” you need to be able to state, without exception, that your actions were/are honorable.
    That the “people” of the USA hold “some” people “accountable” is obvious by “their numbers” in , county,state,federal AND private prisons at over 2 million with another more than 5 million on parole or probation; while their former and current presidents are either confessed war criminals such as GW Bush; or the “obvious” with Barak Obama who revealed his orders of “extrajudicial executions of US Citizens” and “neither of them show any remorese; and many of their “fellow americans” “agree” with their actions and lend their own complicity with it, making their “universal statement”—that the USA is a “criminal nation”—-populated with what appears to be by the actions of a “majority of their citizens”—– to be blatant and beligerant criminals that the other people of the entire “planet” should avoid.
    That they “tend” to “share their criminality with others” is attested to by the “80 + billion (well what they will admit to anyway) “illicit drug trade” —which is fueld by “US Citizens and their willingness to violate their own nations “drug laws”—in order to satisfy what ever their “desires” may be—-so they are also able to spread that vast “wealth” (most of which they illegally acquired from the Native People— another story)—to “others” such as the “drug cartels of Mexico and South America”—-start wars they never win, and leave behind death and desruction and terrible memories of those who survive.
    That the world fears and loaths the USA cannot be denied; and can only be attributed to the actions of the Americans——where ever they have been.
    I could go on and on ——-or simply state———–that the USA is a horrible warning to humanity; that is enough.
    Then I must also share this.
    That “humanity” loves to follow the “positive example” and they also “love” the “reformed offender”—and the “more dramatic the reformation—the more dramatic the impression”
    The USA could (well it would take some major effort) almost over night become the “THE “positive example for humanity” and “one to be followed by all” simply by making one “directional move”; that being REVERSE———-
    If they would simply “reverse” almost everything they are doing now; go in the opposite direction—-do everything “the other way around”—–THEN, the USA would and could show the rest of humanity “the best example”.
    When this could be accomplished the rest of the “world” would have “no other choice” but to follow the “absolute positive example”—and “those Americans are all so healthy and wealthy” -and “have such a fantastic wonderful nation of people—well then “everyone” would want to be “just like those Americans” ; instead of hating,fearing,loathing, and disrespecting the Americans.
    The people of the USA have their own future in their own hands.
    Their “history has covered their hands in the blood of millions of their fellow human beings”, my people, and so many many others. The Americans have the historical reputation now of having been the only human beings to use Nuclear weapons on “other human beings”—-and twice; and both times upon known civilian populations—they “willingly shed lives”—to ‘save’ lives; the “logic” of which is impossible to understand, unless of course you are an American. We often say that “the Stars and Bars are covered in the blood of the innocent”; if the “Americans” do not hold themselves responsible—-and very soon—-the rest of humanity will have no other choice but to hold them responsible. The USA could never stand against that many.
    The USA must make the needed changes soon and voluntarily; or the world will simply do it for them.
    Since the great irony here is that the USA while they promote themselves as the “world’s greatest democracy”——owe the “Chinese Communists” more than a trillion dollars; while their economy is in a major collapse—should make most ‘Americans so ashamed” they would “make those needed changes by the end of the second quarter”—–but they are too busy borrowing more so they can send 8 million dollars per day to Israel in “military aid”.
    They may “force the hand” of the rest of “humanity” some day; and it may be soon.

    As for Native America—we were here on the North, Central and South American lands long before the “Chinese thought of themselves as Chinese”—long before any of the “great civilzations or religions or nations invented-themselves–then burned out or fell apart or were defeated or converted or simply “forgotten”. The rest of the world now knows that we existed for 15 thousand years are more. The Americans are simply a “mark on the wall of our evolution”—–painful and bloody as it has been, and yes our numbers are “down” from 1492—– but; we are still here.

    We have been quoted on this and you are free to quote us:
    “We believe that if the USA were any other criminal nation the ‘Americans’ would invade the USA to keep the world safe; and they would be justified.”

    Thank you for all that you do Sandra.

    You are highly regarded and respected,

    Husband of Moonlight

  2. I appreciate your input, Husband of Moonlight.

    For me, one of the great rewards of doing this work is the joining of hands. The first First Nations person has been in the network since near the beginning. My sense is that it took five years to gain his trust; I can understand that. Today many FIrst Nations people are with us and us with you. From what I see here, more people are coming to realize that their lives are richer when they open up to others. They are beginning to understand that much of the world they have been conditioned to believe in, is full of untruths (the lies about First Nations people are just one example). You have known the deceits for a long time. It must make you wonder how we could be so oblivious to what is real!

    I am humbled by your words of support. We are travelling the same path, I think!


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