Apr 262012

The history of the “go softly” approach in Canada is this:

–  1996,  Health Canada issues a request to every dentist in Canada:  don’t use mercury fillings in children and pregnant women.

Since then, more than a million children in Canada have had mercury fillings inserted.

As a consequence of the 1996 action Canada has sometimes been cited as a “leader” in stopping the use of amalgam.

The figures for use of mercury fillings in Canada show a decline, but then a re-bound.

Today, those who know the state of affairs in Canada say that we are WAY behind other countries.  And it is the case that Canada is seen as obstructionist in the amalgam part of the negotiations on the international treaty to stop the use of products that contain mercury (going into 4th round of negotiations in June).

If we don’t apply sufficient pressure, Health Canada will not change its position.   Peter Cooney, Chief Dentist, is working for the amalgam industry.  They have more money and influence than we do, and a whole lot at risk.

We should work very hard in the next 6 weeks:  the  4th Round of international negotiations is in June and the final 5th round in Feb.  The use of  “silver” fillings (50% mercury, they should be labelled as what they are – “mercury fillings”)  is unconscionable.  The science is there to know it.

Mercury toxicity is known.  It is a liquid at room temperature.  Like water, it vaporizes when it is heated.  Our inside body temperature is warmer than the air around us.  It is known that mercury vaporizes inside the body and that it metholates in the body.  We know very well that it bio-accumulates.  (Why do we think we are different from fish in this regard?)

The use of mercury fillings has to be stopped for ALL people.  The use of mercury in the face of the alternatives is indefensible.

I just posted Ten Reasons to Support Mercury-Free Dentistry It’s another compelling document (and succinct).

To me, the “go soft” approach may ensure that white middle- and upper-class people aren’t exposed to mercury. However, others will continue to be less fortunate.  I do not understand:  cannot people see that if mercury fillings are used ANYWHERE, mercury goes into the environment, in large amounts?  It is deadly stuff.

“Go soft” was used in 1996.  It didn’t work.  I am sorry, given what I know the time is past for “Go soft”.


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