Jul 282008

Vince Bugliosi’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, on YouTube video.    Stunning

(UPDATE:  no longer at this URL.  You might find it elsewhere.)

Baby boomers will remember Bugliosi’s prosecution of Charles Manson.  I read his book “Helter Skelter” way back then, about the Manson “family” and the murders.

Bugliosi’s testimony before the Judiciary Committee is based on his most recent book,  The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder.    Excerpt from the book:


Perhaps the most amazing thing to me about the belief of many that George Bush lied to the American public in starting his war with Iraq is that the liberal columnists who have accused him of doing this merely make this point, and then go on to the next paragraph in their columns. Only very infrequently does a columnist add that because of it Bush should be impeached. If the charges are true, of course Bush should have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office. That’s almost too self-evident to state. But he deserves much more than impeachment. I mean, in America, we apparently impeach presidents for having consensual sex outside of marriage and trying to cover it up. If we impeach presidents for that, then if the president takes the country to war on a lie where thousands of American soldiers die horrible, violent deaths and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children, even babies are killed, the punishment obviously has to be much, much more severe. That’s just common sense. If Bush were impeached, convicted in the Senate, and removed from office, he’d still be a free man, still be able to wake up in the morning with his cup of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice and read the morning paper, still travel widely and lead a life of privilege, still belong to his country club and get standing ovations whenever he chose to speak to the Republican faithful. This, for being responsible for over 100,000 horrible deaths?* For anyone interested in true justice, impeachment alone would be a joke for what Bush did.”  

I thought Bush would be tried for War Crimes.  He will be tried instead for murder, in his own country.  Hallelujah!  And hallelujah for the people of  America.

I will send the YouTube link for Bugliosi’s testimony to our Members-of-Parliament.

(UPDATE:  well, Bush hasn’t been arrested yet!  It takes patience, perseverance and faith that everyone who is working on this effort will eventually prevail.)

(UPDATE:  14 years later,  ummm – –  it’s getting a little hard to keep the faith!  But if an opportunity arises to push the case,  people will spring into action.)

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