Heavy metals in vaccinations, Mercury in dental amalgams.


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The following is an overall view.

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Because we tend to work in “silos”, we are not putting two and two together.

We had two parallel threads:

  1. heavy metals (mercury and aluminum) injected through vaccinations, mostly in relation to children  and
  2. mercury in dental amalgams (“silver” fillings are 50% mercury), mostly in relation to adults. Slow poisoning through off-gasing of mercury vapour into your mouth/body   365 days a year, 24 hours a day, creates a build-up over decades.  Mercury poisoning from dental amalgam tends to rear its ugly head in older adults.

Children, however, also receive mercury in utero and through breast milk – –  from their Mother’s mercury fillings (not to mention mercury poisoning carried by the winds and water, dumped from industrial activity.)

Mercury and aluminum are neuro toxins.  It makes no sense that we are putting them directly into our bodies.  (Lead is another neuro toxin – banned from use in gasoline and in paint.  Mercury has been banned from most consumer products.)

The story of vaccinations and mercury fillings is one of cruelty and betrayal by so-called influential people, some of them doctors.

Doctors and dentists themselves have been betrayed by the “experts” in the universities who “train” young minds.  The “not science” that serves to protect vested interests is passed from one generation of instructors to the next.

Dentists have among the top suicide rates.  That is not a mystery:  most of them are working with mercury every day of their working lives.   Sift through the collection of articles – there is ample evidence of the effects of mercury on the brain; mercury is a neuro toxin.  Among other things it causes depression.

Amalgams, when coming OUT of the mouth are to be handled as “hazardous waste”.  How silly it is to think that somehow, when going INTO the mouth, or when being drilled, it transforms into “safe” material.   The argument defies logic.  It is cruel that the industry not only continues to pedal its propaganda, but that it also buys the regulators (Environment and Health Canada).

Brick-by-brick through the years we have built understanding.   It started as early as 2005 with  Robert Kennedy’s report that says there is a connection between vaccinations-that-contain-thimerasol (mercury) and autism.   The role of the pharmaceutical corporations and U.S. Government regulators in the cover-up are explained.   Robert F Kennedy Jr is a very credible person.

In time, input from persons in our network led to the statement:  it’s possible that it is more than the thimerasol;  it’s a combination of ingredients in the vaccines, and/or cumulative impacts of numerous vaccinations that are causing a number of developmental problems.

In parallel there was work on the effects of mercury in dental amalgams entering our bodies.   This discussion was about mercury-related diseases in adults.   But the exploration led to the research:  mercury from amalgams crosses the placental barrier to the foetus.   Also,  it exits the Mother’s body through breast milk, another addition to the infant’s mercury load.

The next piece of the puzzle:

We have come to a better understanding of how our immune systems work.  Is there a direct causal relationship between a poison and developmental problems or a particular disease?   …  No,  the same poisons in various combinations with other poisons (stresses on the immune system) will have different health outcomes for different people.

Immune systems

  • have different strengths and weaknesses
  • in different people,
  • affected by their life experience and
  • affected by the DNA that gets passed down from generation-to-generation. At least some of the time, DNA that has been damaged by poisons is passed down, in its damaged form.

Grant explains:    the poison goes into your body – – it is “systemic” inasmuch as the blood carries it throughout the body.  It will deposit in different places in your body.  (There are some places that are more likely.)

More recently we took a look at yet another vaccine being pushed by Big Biotech Pharma, rotavirus.   I think you see an industry that takes almost any part of the human experience, makes it into a “scare” and then trots to the lucrative public purse for widespread vaccination programmes.  Not in the public interest. And  Big Pharma has no trouble finding “doctors” willing to pimp for it.

(Vaccine Risk Awareness Network).  Most recently, many thanks to VRAN for their information that includes aluminum as an ingredient in vaccinations, another heavy metal, another neurotoxin, added to the assaults on the immune system.

People my age may remember getting rid of their aluminum pots and pans because of the neuro-toxicity.  Aluminum by direct injection?  Mercury by direct injection?

We have corporatocracy.  Generally speaking, do not expect the Government to regulate industry in the public interest.   Generally speaking, do not expect the Universities to do research in the public interest.   Funding criteria today include “the potential for commercialization” and “partnered funding”.

Unfortunately,  the public interest is not a “money-maker”, but only because corporations are allowed to hand pollution costs to us to pay through higher taxes needed to cover “medi-care” and medical insurance costs.  (We do not have “health” care (removal of cause).)

The cost to the autistic child, to the families and the community of looking after these persons (just one of the groups affected by the poisons) is a great boost to GDP (Gross Domestic Product, our indicator of economic success).   Every dollar spent to alleviate the damage done by the unholy alliances between industry and Government is an addition to the myth that we have a booming economy, measured by the false indicator of “progress” – GDP.

The public interest has largely been abandoned by the Governments and the Universities.  It will continue  – –  unless we connect with each other and share information.  Unless we are willing to stand up and fight for democracy with its humanitarian values.  Unless we are willing to add our weight to the creation of the “new” economy that is well underway, but needs our efforts.

Regarding vaccinations (mercury, aluminum, foreign proteins):  the Pharmaceutical companies have gone into biotechnology in a big way.  That might be how it came about that more than a million kids in the U.S. alone were vaccinated in 2009 with rotavirus vaccine contaminated with a pig virus.

Many disabled people are living examples of what happens when we put poisons into the environment and into our bodies.  They may be the strongest advocates on the Planet for a cease-and-desist order, along with people with cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, etc.   The pharmaceutical-chemical-biotechnology agenda of the Corporatocracy has to be stopped in the interests of those not-yet-born.  Otherwise we are only producing increasing numbers of tragically damaged human “units” for the medi-care industry.

Big Pharma and Govt regulators (the Corporatocracy) are getting away with murder, as far as I am concerned.

I hope this will get passed along to organizations that assist individuals who have disabilities.   They are doing great self-advocacy work.  At some point they may wish to consider extending their work, on behalf of newborns: get the neuro toxins, teratogens and carcinogens out of the environment.

Go to  “Categories” in the right-hand sidebar,  to “Health”, to “Mercury . . .” to one of dental amalgam or vaccinations. to generate a list of postings that started in 2005.

You will find detailed and compelling information from many people who have been working tirelessly for decades.  With the internet we can connect and speed their work along.  We will be victorious and it won’t be long in the coming!


  4 Responses to “Heavy metals in vaccinations, Mercury in dental amalgams.”

  1. Scary enuf to make me organize a CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY to figure out how we are going to put an end to it. It’s March 30 – 31 in Saskatoon. We’re calling it “The Mercury Jamboree”. Mark your calendar and come! Spread the word. The IAOMT is coming, to help. Organizing is just starting. Flyers not done.
    We aren’t a bunch of dumb bunnies who can’t get things done. /Sandra

  2. I have suffered with mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings starting in my very early life. I came from a mercury-poisoned family and all of my predecessors have passed away with Alzheimer’s. I will be the only survivor since my mother, uncle and sister all passed away, however, I have had M.S. for about 10 years, had to quit working and scrape along on disability so I did survive but having to quit work and live on disability is close to death!!

    IS THERE AN ACTIVE LAWSUIT I CAN JOIN? I have multiple fillings and numerous health conditions.

    • Hello Vanessa,

      I am not aware of any class action lawsuits that are currently in the works.

      There is information about attempts at class action on mercury fillings at
      2016-08 The attempted class action lawsuit against mercury fillings, 1998, Canada. 8,000 signatories. Also Dr. Vimy, the U of Calgary researcher on mercury fillings. Sheep and monkeys..

      Scroll-down to inquiries made to a couple of Canadian law firms. 2016. Decision: unwise to proceed.

      I can’t find where I might have posted the experience of the fellow (Toronto) who initiated the 1998 class action. The group “Canadians for Mercury Relief” was formed in 1996 for that purpose. The time to contact people, the amount of fund-raising you have to do while simultaneously doing everything else, including looking after your family, literally broke the fellow. He mortgaged his home to raise money, lost that and a whole lot more. Mainstream media steers a wide path around you, minimal help there.

      My take-away is to pitch in wherever the struggle against the poisoning is strong at the moment, and has potential for significant advance.

      There are a number of “fronts”. I suspect you have learned a lot about mercury poisoning, one of the fronts.

      We learn successful strategies by trying different ones. Class action lawsuits? . . . no. A direct Court Case by a single plaintiff? . . . yes, VERY successful against Monsanto and its agricultural chemicals.

      Here’s a new video that originates in the vaccine issue, a Court Case against the Govt of California. A win there will be a big win here, a pitched battle at the moment.
      GO TO: not the video top right. Down a little to press conference Sept 9, 2019, RFK.

      The video speaks to: we are poisoning ourselves. And why might that be? Everywhere, the answer is the same. . . . the video tells it very well, along with “how to” get the win.

      Awareness of the poisoning from the mercury in dental amalgams has not gone away. It will re-surface. In the meantime, build our strength and numbers.

      Best wishes,


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