Mar 242014

Edward Snowden made a surprise visit on TED Talks March 18th in Vancouver. More than 100,000 people are watching the video every day.   Just watch the video, if you haven’t already. If you have time for more, read on.  But not at the expense of watching the video!   Cheers!     Sandra = […]

Jan 222014

I was asked for my thoughts on today’s news report (appended): Janet Churnin was found guilty of not filling in the 2011 Census form.   Note that the CP coverage does not even MENTION the leaks by Edward Snowden.  Small wonder that Europeans know about the NSA surveillance of them, but Canadians don’t. MY REPLY:   (edited July 2014, […]

Dec 042013
2013-12-02  Edward Snowden revelations prompt UN investigation into surveillance, The Guardian Nick Hopkins and Matthew Taylor UN’s senior counter-terrorism official says  revelations ‘are at the very apex of public interest concerns’ Ben Emmerson: ‘The Guardian has revealed an extensive programme of surveillance which potentially affects every one of us.’ Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian The UN’s senior counter-terrorism official is to launch an investigation […]

Nov 272013
2013-11-26  NSA surveillance: Europe threatens to freeze US data-sharing arrangements, The Guardian.  Canadians might ask . . ? After Edward Snowden revelations, EU executive underlines US compliance with European law and ‘how things have gone badly’ Ian Traynor in Brussels European Union justice and rights commissioner Viviane Reding is negotiating with the US on the fallout from the NSA scandal. Photograph: Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty The EU executive is threatening to freeze crucial data-sharing […]

Oct 302013

With most people, unbelief in one thing is founded on blind belief in another. –Lichtenberg Unbelief in Islam,  Blind belief in ourselves. A police state WILL come to be, as it did in Nazi Germany, if we are unable to deal with the complexity of putting our collective ego aside. If we are blinded by […]

Oct 302013

#surveillance Reuters The National Security Agency has tapped directly into communications links used by Google and Yahoo to move huge amounts of email and other user information among overseas data centres, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. It was unclear how the NSA accessed the links. The report, based on secret NSA documents leaked […]

Oct 102013

The application for leave-to-appeal to the Supreme Court was “dismissed” which means that I lost the legal battle.   WHAT IS THE CHARTER RIGHT TO PRIVACY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION  WHICH WAS THE DEFENCE IN MY TRAIL?  WHAT WAS LOST? “In fostering the underlying values of dignity, integrity and autonomy, it is fitting that s. 8 of the Charter […]

Oct 072013

Go to the URL – there is a short, good video interview of a journalist in Rio de Janeiro: (the text of the article is below, for back-up) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Also of interest: Canada’s elite soldiers expropriate to expand CFB […]

Oct 072013

Please take time for the related ACTION ITEM: 2013-11-23  SIGN STATEMENT:  Protect our Privacy!  (IMPORTANT) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – RELATED:  2013-10-09  Inside Canada’s top-secret billion-dollar spy palace, CBC News – – – – – – – […]

Oct 062013
2013-10-06  (UK) Cabinet was told nothing about GCHQ spying programmes, says Chris Huhne.  Ex-minister says he was in 'utter ignorance' of Prism and Tempora.  The Guardian

By Nick Hopkins and Matthew Taylor Chris Huhne questions whether the Home Office deliberately misled parliament over the surveillance capabilities of GCHQ, pictured. Photograph: GCHQ/MoD/EPA Cabinet ministers and members of the national security council were told nothing about the existence and scale of the vast data-gathering programmes run by British and American intelligence agencies, a […]