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I was asked for my thoughts on today’s news report (appended):

Janet Churnin was found guilty of not filling in the 2011 Census form.  

Note that the CP coverage does not even MENTION the leaks by Edward Snowden.  Small wonder that Europeans know about the NSA surveillance of them, but Canadians don’t.

MY REPLY:   (edited July 2014, at time of Stegenga trial over same issue.)

The Edward Snowden leaks about the extent and the means being used by the NSA to collect personal data on citizens leave no room for misunderstanding.   If the American surveillance system cannot collect every morsel of information on YOU through legitimate access to a data base, they do it illegally.

The statement in the news article on the Churnin case did not report the name of the StatsCan person quoted.  It would have been Yves Beland.  He is Director of Census Operations under  Wayne Smith, Chief Statistician:

Lockheed Martin had no access to the agency’s data operation centre or its census response database  

To me, the statement lacks credibility.  

Unless it is taken literally –  Lockheed HAD no access – – the past tense.

It HAS access now (present tense)  OR,  it WILL HAVE access in the future.

Given what is known through the leaks by Edward Snowden, reinforced by newspaper articles through the years (posted on this blog),  Canadians would have to be VERY gullible to believe that Lockheed Martin (the NSA) does not have back-door access to the data base at StatsCan.  The data base will be consolidated census records (with your name on your record) and “survey” data collection.

It is very frustrating to see another decision like this one on Janet Churnin, that completely ignores the reality of today’s world.   The so-called “influential” people in StatsCan, the Justice Department, and the Judiciary are marching us right into a surveillance state.   A police state.

Note that the “head of census operations at Statistics Canada”, by this news report, is now anonymous.  In fact, he does have a name.  It is important that Canadians know his name;  it is a means by which citizens hold Government officials accountable.

Wayne Smith
Chief Statistician of Canada since the summer of 2010
(I googled to ensure that he is still the head:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Smith_(Chief_Statistician_of_Canada)

It is wonderful that Canadians have citizens such as Janet Churnin who will stand up and be heard.  It would be wonderful if the decision in her case could be appealed.  But that is probably unrealistic.

It happens that Eve Stegenga, a young woman from Powell River BC, is the next one in the cross-hairs of the StatsCan – Justice Department duo.  A little serendipity:  I live not too far, a ferry ride away.

Eve’s next appearance in Court is in March.   I will be attending.

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Conditional discharge for census resister

The Canadian Press, 2014


TORONTO – A 79-year-old Toronto woman has been handed a conditional discharge after being found guilty of violating the Statistics Act for refusing to fill out the mandatory census in 2011.

The sentence means Janet Churnin will have no permanent criminal record after she completes 50 hours of community service, but she’s on probation until then.

The judge presiding in the case disagreed with Churnin’s arguments that her Charter rights were violated, and found that the self-described pacifist had no lawful excuse for not participating in the census.

Churnin’s lawyer had argued at her trial that the government didn’t do enough to address her concerns about U.S. arms-maker Lockheed Martin’s role in the data collection process.

The Crown countered that Canadians can’t refuse to comply with legitimate government obligations simply on the basis of moral disapproval or speculative security fears.

Churnin has said she thought there was a chance information on Canada’s population could be accessed by Lockheed Martin, or even the American government if the corporation was forced to turn over the information under the U.S. Patriot Act.

The head of census operations at Statistics Canada testified that Lockheed Martin had no access to the agency’s data operation centre or its census response database.


By The Canadian Press

  6 Responses to “2014-01-22 Census – Lockheed Martin: Response to Janet Churnin found guilty”

  1. I tried unsuccessfully to post to the discussion on the Toronto Star report of Janet Churnin’s trial:

    I am surprised that the leaks by Edward Snowden about the tactics used by the NSA to gather information on citizens is not mentioned here, at all.

    To accept the line that “Lockheed Martin did not have access” to the StatsCan data base on Canadians, you would have to be ignorant about the Snowden leaks.

    The Europeans are quite well-informed (and incensed, as a consequence).

    Maybe their discussion of a trial like Janet Churnin’s would point out the real-world situation – – the American “security” and surveillance apparatus has access to the data base at StatsCan. Lockheed Martin (contractor to the NSA) guarantees the access.

  2. I find it hard to believe that Lockheed Martin did not have access to personal or any information about Canadians who filed a census return.

    What ever possessed our government to seek the services of the biggest arms manufacturer on the planet,-located in the USA- to pay them to look at the census returns of Canadians. Does our government have an inferiority complex about the ability of Canadian firms to do this work?– I think not. They apparently were just trying to buy favors from a corporation that specializes in producing the weapons of death.

  3. Here’s how to run a police state :
    Census via Lockheed Martin —USA, Canada and Britain
    NSA surveillance of every citizen, every email, phone call, suspicious activity (via drones)
    Create secret info storage facilities (Bluffdale, Utah) with 100 year capacity
    Activate prison facilities, privatize them, and hire contract companies to build more.
    ……and, guarantee a profit.
    Issue to the fascist dictator “chosen” by the people at the rigged election, an executive
    order ensuring exclusive, unquestioned power — e.g. the March 16th , 2012 # 13603
    order signed by Barack Obama.
    Privatize ALL communication.

    …….the “forever Emperor ” model of the ROTHSCHILD s.

  4. Congratulations and thank you to Janet for having the gumption to stand up to a corrupt system. I hope she is wears her further community service proudly and is that she gets the respect she deserves.

    Just one more outrage to add to a steaming pile.

  5. What should I do about the labour force survey? They are calling at my door! I’m a very private person and the woman doing this survey is so loud and there are other people in the building that can hear her. This is far from private for me and they want to come back and do this every month for six months! This first time was traumatizing enough and to keep this up for six months will be catastropic for my well being. They say this is mandatory as well. She just showed up at my door all of a sudden with no notice what so ever. She asked if I had received a notice in the mail, which I had not received, and then came in and asked loud numerous private questions which entirely stressed me out. I felt violated and disrespected. What should I do? Can I just not answer the door or will they put me in jail?

  6. Dear Maureen,

    The law says that surveys are voluntary and you cannot be fined or go to jail if you don’t want to participate.

    I hope this can help you:

    1. Yes, you can choose not to answer your door.

    2. You will not go to jail. The Justice Dept would have to lay charges against you and there would have to be a trial, and a Judge would have to find you guilty, and the Judge would have to sentence you to jail – – NONE of which is going to happen.

    The Justice Dept will not lay charges because the law is very clear. “Surveys” are not mandatory.

    A Judge would not sentence you to jail. Even people who are threatened with a fine and jail for refusal to fill in the Census, if taken to court, do not get sentenced to jail time.

    3. ANOTHER OPTION: You can print off this little paragraph (it is the Law) and give it to the StatsCan worker. It says clearly that Surveys are Voluntary:


    Voluntary surveys

    8. The Minister may, by order, authorize the obtaining, for a particular purpose, of information, other than information for a census of population or agriculture, on a voluntary basis, but where such information is requested section 31 does not apply in respect of a refusal or neglect to furnish the information. 1980-81-82-83, c. 47, s. 41.

    (Section 31 is the fines and jail that could possibly apply IF A CENSUS is being conducted. A “survey” is not a census. Repeat: the law says that surveys are voluntary and you cannot be fined or go to jail if you don’t want to participate.)

    The Statistics Act is at http://www.statcan.gc.ca/about-apercu/act-loi-eng.htm.

    Hold strong, and don’t be afraid. The Law is on your side.

    It is very important for Canadians to get Lockheed Martin Corporation (the American military) OUT of Statistics Canada.

    The American military and intelligence forces are doing intensive data collection and surveillance of citizens. They are breaking both American AND Canadian laws. Canadian officials (quislings) are collaborating with the Americans. They are taking away our Charter Rights to privacy of personal information. This is what happens in fascist police-states; it is not supposed to be happening in a democracy.

    It is very obvious to anyone who has paid any attention to the leaks made by Edward Snowden. And it is apparent from news articles in Canada through the years. This is not “conspiracy” talk by me.

    The only people who will defend Canada against this American military and corporate take-over are us, ourselves. That is the job of citizens in a democracy. It is much easier to do when we are banded together and have solid information to share.

    I wish you strength and courage.
    Know that you are not alone.

    I talked just yesterday with Eve Stegenga, a young woman from Powell River BC who is on trial over the 2011 CENSUS (because of Lockheed Martin’s role at StatsCan). With support from networked Canadians, Eve is moving forward in her trial. I will post information about it when it happens (I attended her pretrial earlier this month).

    Please get in touch anytime, if you have more questions.

    All the best,

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