Feb 142019

INVALID, but not!   some links in the postings may show as invalid, a line drawn through them.  They work just fine.  /Sandra   FOR YOUR SELECTION,  FEBRUARY 14, 2019 If you read nothing else, please have time for: 2019-02-13    Dalhousie University and interim President. Dissent arises when there are conflicting interests. Can you really […]

Feb 042019

Return to INDEX With thanks to Denise: Have you seen this article on TimberWest and Professional Reliance?  Very sad reveal!  Great to see young people working on this though… https://vimeo.com/252243072?fbclid=IwAR1HOH2Ie-FTfvmn0cwmZHaB53OCkKgincf1ETV-ewd–dmhAs6lfAa3oF0

Jun 132017

Let us not go down the path described by George Orwell in The Animal Farm.   Forgetfulness of how democracy works,  the importance of our Charter Rights, the fact that it is only citizens who will, in the end, defend them.   We stand on guard.   http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/june-11-2017-the-sunday-edition-with-michael-enright-1.4150230/canadians-just-don-t-care-about-privacy-michael-s-essay-1.4150263   3:28 minutes total At the 1:03 minute mark, and which is WRONG: […]

Apr 242012

Listen George Orwell was prescient in so many ways. This week, Michael discusses how an essay the author wrote in 1946 has much to say about political discourse in 2012. Language gurus train politicians in the fine art of never-ending conversation that is devoid of substance and truth. You can see it most clearly in […]

Sep 252010

(2)  EMAIL FROM TONY CLEMENT’S OFFICE, MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CENSUS.  AND MY REPLY. (Today, #2 comes before #1!) (I phoned before sending this.  I don’t have much faith that these communications get dealt with.  All you can do is try.  The email from Clement’s office follows my reply to it.) SENT:  September 17, 2010 […]