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If you read nothing else, please have time for:

2019-02-13    Dalhousie University and interim President. Dissent arises when there are conflicting interests.

Can you really expect “novel” or “creative” after years of protesting? . . . 

whether denouncing a war, or denouncing the poisoning of life forms, to the point of mass extinctions?

GMO, BAYER-MONSANTO AGRICULTURE, “Plummeting insect numbers . . “, 



2019-01-24 Concerns on transparency and sustainability raised at University Council. From student newspaper, The Sheaf. University of Sask.

“Another incentive for council to inform themselves about this matter comes in the form of an impending public disclosure by the CBC Radio Canada investigative team on the influence wielded by Monsanto on Canadian university campuses — and guess who’ll be starring in that piece.”

2019-02-10 Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’, The Guardian

2019-02-06 French, German farmers destroy crops after GMOs found in Bayer seeds, Reuters

2019-01-16 Health Canada, No independent review of Roundup Herbicide (Monsanto now Bayer), from Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and Prevent Cancer NOW  




2018-2019 On-line Petition (Change.org) STOP water bottlers from taking up to 9 million litres per year from aquifer. New Zealand. Chinese-owned Cloud Ocean Water

2019-02-04 Federal Court overturns controversial salmon farm policy, StarMetro Vancouver

2019-01-30 The Timber West trial, TheTyee.ca . Sappers. Role of Pension funds in corruption. And of contributions to political parties.

I am very happy to see an all-out assault on corruption,  by a wide array of organizations and individuals.   Awareness – –

2018-01-22 TimberWest and Professional Reliance, Great Bear Rainforest. EBM, corruption through de-regulation and Orwellian new speak.

2019-02-01 From APLUC: “… with respect to the Water Sustainability Act it is unclear who establishes and monitors “Critical Environmental Flows”. Can you clarify this for us? Can you also identify what streams and rivers have had critical environmental flows established?” etc.

An excellent letter.  Maybe you want to ask the same questions of your Government?

2019-01-24 The Strathcona Resolution   (updated)

2019-02-05 From APLUC Strathcona Resolution, letter of support sent to . . . for use as a Template



2019-02-06 Rethinking Watergate in the Trump Age With a New Documentary

By the same doc-filmmaker as made “Inside Job” on the 2007-08 meltdown on Wall Street.

While the name of Donald Trump isn’t once mentioned in Watergate‘s 260 minutes (although the film’s subtitle, Or How We Learned to Stop an Out-of-Control President, offers a certain hat-tip), it’s nearly impossible to watch it without comparing Nixon’s grandiose, multilayered self-destruction with the current situation in the White House.

2018-10-26 Cameco Appeal – Success! (Canadians for Tax Fairness)

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