Mar 262019 Forests are one of the world’s most significant sources of food, new medicines and oxygen. Scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger explores our profound biological and spiritual connection with trees, and meets people who are taking the lead to replant, restore and protect the last of the planet’s great ancient forests.

Mar 042019

Dear Sandra, This month, B.C.’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change George Heyman is holding telephone town halls to talk about “CleanBC” and what a renewable future means in your community. We need people with progressive views to join the calls and speak up about why moving to renewables is essential to ensuring a […]

Feb 192019

Return to INDEX David writes: Below is an email I just sent to Lois Eaton on a recently published poll in the US. I thought the poll results relate directly to her presentations (on climate change) at our local councils. I think the implications for blocking water export are clear. People–even those on the right side […]

Feb 062019

Return to INDEX Excellent letter!  A request to support the Strathcona Resolution Offered for use as a Template. AVICC-Qualicum Many thanks to Julie: Here is the letter that has gone out to QB, Parksville council and the RDN (Regional District Nanaimo) board. If it can be passed onto other jurisdictions encouraging their local government to […]

Dec 152018

  Return to INDEX   (Related details moved to bottom.  Edited 2019-11-01) SUBMISSION TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE December 15, 2018   TO:   House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade c/o  Clerk, Ms. Christine LaFrance  CIIT  < @ > COMMITTEE CHAIR:  MP  Mark Eyking;  VICE-CHAIR  MP Dean Allison;  VICE-CHAIR  MP  Tracey Ramsey; COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  MP […]

Dec 122018
2014-05-22  Island glaciers will disappear in 25 years, scientist says,  Times Colonist

(I sent an email to the scientist, to try and find an update for 2019.  No response.) by  Sandra McCulloch All Vancouver Island glaciers, including the iconic Comox Glacier, will be gone within 25 years due to climate change says University of Victoria geography professor Dan Smith. “There are not many glaciers left,” Smith said. […]

Nov 272018
2018-11-26  Extinction Rebellion chapters proliferating across Canada,

Extinction Rebellion chapters proliferating across Canada Brent Patterson As “Rebellion Day 2” took place in London, U.K. on November 24, Extinction Rebellion Facebook groups are proliferating rapidly across Canada. There are now Extinction Rebellion Facebook groups for Canada, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Alberta, and Nova Scotia, as well as groups in Peterborough, Barrie, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Guelph, South Okanagan, Williams Lake, and Victoria. This is undoubtedly only a partial list of […]

Nov 182018
1982-10-28   United Nations "World Charter for Nature"

With the “World Charter for Nature” on 28 October 1982, the United Nations developed a code of conduct for the protection and preservation of global natural habitats and resources. The code established five “principles of conservation” by which all human conduct affecting nature should be guided and judged. It further emphasized that social and economic […]

Nov 072018

A Swedish teenager sets a ball rolling.  A youth in Sudbury catches it and throws it to us . . .    Great!   I’ve reserved  Friday, December 7 on my calendar.   With thanks to Dianne Rhodes: Please save the date: Friday, December 7, 2018.   During the international climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland, youth are […]

Oct 142018

“In his new book, Stephen Harper warns that standing up for the environment makes for bad politics, especially in a populist age when parties are looking for the votes of ‘ordinary’ people.” Susan Delacourt quotes a new book entitled Right Here, Right Now: “Political parties, including mine, have won elections just by opposing a carbon […]