Jul 092013

Because of my trial over the involvement of Lockheed Martin in the StatsCan data base on Canadian citizens, we have followed the piece-by-piece integration of the Canadian military with the American through the SPP and then the “Canada First Defence Strategy”.

We saw the introduction of “unmanned aerial vehicles” (drones) that dropped bombs on first Yemen, and now a number of countries.  Imagine the terror of citizens in those countries.

Lockheed Martin is a manufacturer of drones (also of land mines and cluster munitions, both outlawed by International Law).  They set up in my city of Saskatoon.  Drones are being manufactured here (I do not know if it is Lockheed Martin drones that are being manufactured).

THANKFULLY, Mines Watch Canada has started a campaign (as have citizens in other countries) to stop “killer robots“.  More on that later.

Daniel Suarez does a nice job in this TED Talk of explaining the ramifications of drone warfare.  You`d like to think that for us it can`t be that we`re participating in this.  Sorry gang!  we are called to account.  No sitting on our backsides!


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