Oct 162013

Dick Cheney is to be “keynote speaker” in Toronto on Oct 31. 

PROTEST:  Thursday, Oct 31,  11:00am EDT  

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

255 Front St W



This is about the Rule of Law.

What is that worth to you?


An incredible array of organizations and people have assembled, to see that if Cheney comes into Canada he is arrested.  


Irony:  TODAY, in the Speech from the Throne, (twice)

The Government is committed to  “The Rule of Law”


Let’s hold them to it!  

There are ideas below (spread the word, contact your MP, be creative – – see #5.) 


(1)    2013-09-30  Bar Dick Cheney from Canada or arrest and prosecute say U.S. and Canadian torture opponents 


A letter has been sent to Canada’s Prime Minister, Attorney General and Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Immigration advising them of Canada’s legal obligations. For a complete copy of the letter submitted click here.


(2)    2013-10-16 Canada must arrest & Prosecute Cheney for torture if he enters Canada, NO RESPONSE FROM GOVT – –  Protest Planned on Halloween at Metro Toronto Convention Centre 


Mount the steeds!   Let’s pitch in!


(3)    What a beautiful time to contact your MP and quote the Throne Speech to them!   

(4)     Help spread the word:   Protest on Hallowe’en at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The Facebook page for the protest is here.

I’m on facebook for activism reasons.  I joined a bunch of peace groups, initially to make the argument that if there is to be peace,  we have to address the profitability of making war, the “war corporations” (like Lockheed Martin).    

I will post to the peace groups I joined, about this Cheney initiative.  Am hoping that lots of phone calls will be made to MP’s.


(5)     I’ve done some checking.  See Who puts on International Economic Forum of the Americas? (Cheney is guest speaker for them.)


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My ego does not like to be so wrong!  Written at the end of August:   

George Bush and Dick Cheney didn’t get arrested for war crimes when they came to Canada, but have you noticed that they stopped coming?!

                                From The POwer of Fun. Fun in the streets. 

(They’re back.  Hopefully this time will be bad enough that it’s the last time.)

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Background for newcomers: 


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