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RE: the spying .. to target up-and-coming potential leaders of so-called “friendly states.”
AND your suggestion that the NSA might represent “the heads of key corporate interests“.


I am a citizen of a “friendly state” (Canada).  There is an overlooked point in your very good article.  My read on the reason for targeting by the NSA of “potential leaders” in other nations? . . .

Evidence points to a well-known practice of the American military-industrial-congressional complex:

set up PUPPET REGIMES in countries whose resources the corporations want to exploit.

  • the NSA monitors the “potential leaders” in order to identify the ones with quisling potential
  • the American military-industrial-congressional complex then    BANKROLLS their selected candidate
  • Once “elected”, the quislings can be relied upon to sell their souls and their country. The corporatocracy has taken over.

In Canada we have seen a terrible capitulation to “key (American) corporate interests”. Those interests have infiltrated our politics, bureaucracy and universities.

    • Lockheed Martin & others in the war industry
    • Monsanto & others in the chemical/GMO industry
    • Oil & Gas companies
    • Nuclear interests

The dismantling of democracy that has happened rapidly in the last years is breath-taking. Vote fraud is high on the list.   Corruption? – – don’t look in Africa, it is abundant right here in North America.  It is the consequence of “public-private-partnerships”.

The corruption is predictable.  See   Thinkers of the Day on the Unholy Alliances between Government (public institutions) and Industry 

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