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We can lend a hand here:

  • Pandora’s Promise is a slick piece of propaganda for the nuclear industry, airing on CNN.
  • The Atomic States of America (bless good people) tells a different story.  I watched it – it’s well done, worth your time, and free on-line for the next 2 days.

Please pass it along.  The battle over nuclear is being waged on many fronts by thousands of people, at the moment much of it over disposal of radioactive waste (Great Lakes area).

Remember Fukishima.  My brother’s reaction to today’s BBC science report on Fukishima (appended):  now which way is that jetstream flowing ?  We all have a stake.

Read on! . . . .   /Sandra

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Help Counter Pandora’s Promise on CNN – Atomic States of America will air free online Nov. 6 – 8.

CNN will nationally broadcast the much criticized, pro-nuclear power film Pandora’s Promise on Thursday, November 7. CNN is airing the film without offering any opposing viewpoints despite requests and petitions from Beyond Nuclear and others. To help provide balance and a critical perspective on nuclear power, The Atomic States of America film will be available to view free online from November 6 – 8. Atomic States provides a comprehensive exploration of the history and impact of nuclear power to date, and investigates the truths and myths about nuclear energy. Please help promote the film’s availability to your networks and friends. More

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Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps (and native of Michigan) will debate Michael Shellenberger (re: Pandora’s Promise) on CNN Headline News, Thursday, November 7th at 7:45pm! Everyone tune in!

Pandora’s Promise on CNN – 9 PM ET Thursday PandorasPromise
What Price Would you Pay to Power the Future? Watch Thursday 9p ET.

Pandora’s False Promises [ From Beyond Nuclear]
Pandora’s Promise, is a new pro-nuclear propaganda documentary released theatrically in the US in July 2013. It is funded in part by individuals with a vested interest in seeing the development of new reactors and is seemingly a vehicle by which to raise the profile of the anti-environmental Oakland think tank, The Breakthrough Institute, whose personnel feature prominently in the film. Despite the film’s premise and early claim that it features “a growing number of leading former anti-nuclear activists” who now support nuclear energy, no one in the film ever led the anti-nuclear movement. Nor was any credible, independent scientific or medical professional with expertise in the areas covered in the film consulted or featured. Beyond Nuclear has bird-dogged the film from the beginning, and has produced numerous critiques. We have also published a definitive report – Pandora’s False Promises: Busting the pro-nuclear propaganda – and a two-page synopsis. These documents address virtually all of the myths, lies and omissions typically found in pro-nuclear rhetoric and are intended to address these long after Pandora’s Promise fades into deserved oblivion.


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now which way is that jetstream flowing ?

BBC Science report on Fukishima, Nov 6 by Shukman



Unlikely to be reported in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, in spite of the Province’s big investment in the industry. Gotta keep the locals drugged and dopey.

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