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Officials from Health Canada, “Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Programs” met with persons from the environmental network last week. They want to form relationships.

One of the motivations is to let us know about their “Chemicals Management Plan” so we can support it: (link no longer valid  http://www.chemicalsubstanceschimiques.gc.ca/surveil/index_e.html).  I suppose they recognize that we have healthy communication networks.

It is encouraging that the Department of Health sees a connection between health and what we are doing in the environment.

I told them about the multi-disciplinary approach we (our network) took in 2003 when Tony Clement became the Minister of Health:  Health Canada will not reverse the relentlessly upward trend-lines in cancer, developmental problems in children, asthma, and other diseases (which should be the yardstick by which their performance is measured) until they start working with the Departments of Agriculture, Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment.

I told them it is wonderful that they and all of the environmentalists are working to make things better.

But I came on strong: nothing will be accomplished until we get the pharmaceutical/chemical/biotech industry out of Government.  Nothing will be accomplished until the Government starts doing its job which is to regulate industry, in the public interest.

I’ve sent this email to those Health Canada officials, in case they doubt my word.  It is well-documented evidence of what these corporate interests are doing.

The first article is by Robert F Kennedy Jr., nephew of the slain president of the U.S., son of Robert Kennedy,  who was set to become president but also slain.  People who have been in our network for a few years are familiar with the excellent work of Robert F Kennedy Jr.  He is an environmental lawyer by training, known for setting up the RiverKeepers which became the WaterKeepers.  He has been in Canada on numerous occasions.

I had the opportunity to hear him speak in Saskatoon at an FSIN Conference.  He is very good at attacking underlying causes of problems.  At that time he was addressing the “externalization of costs”.  Industry is allowed to pass the buck on the environmental and health costs it creates, to the public purse to pay.  Until they are held responsible for these costs, the environmental poisoning will continue.

Kennedy is a courageous man.  He tackles the issues head-on. He has been working on the pharmaceutical industry and the thimerasol-autism connection for some time. The story of what the pharmaceutical industry has done and continues to do, working with government collaborators, is truly heart-breaking. This is in item #2.

Item 6 is from the Oprah Winfrey website – mothers of autistic children banding together.  ” Previously, 1 in 500 children was diagnosed with this neurological disorder. Today, Holly says 1 in every 94 boys is affected. For unknown reasons, autism disproportionately affects boys.”

The evidence pulled together by Robert Kennedy, through access to information, etc. makes it clear that the pharmaceutical industry and American government officials worked together to try and keep the link between autism and thimerasol (ethylmercury) vaccinations under wraps.  They continue to deny and to send the vaccinations to other countries even though they have been stopped here.

I told the Health Canada officials that my experience over the years with Health Canada, in particular with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), causes me to believe what is documented in the book published earlier this year, “Corrupt to the Core, Memoirs of a Health Canada Scientist” (by Shiv Chopra).  Anybody who has worked to get a municipal pesticide bylaw in place (there are large numbers of such people across Canada) knows just how corrupted Health Canada is.

I related the story about the full-time government scientist from the PMRA here in Saskatoon who simultaneously is (was?) being paid up to $10,000.00 per contract under hire to CropLife Canada, the lobby-machine for the chemical/biotech/pharmaceutical transnational corporations, the very companies he is supposed to be regulating.

At the time the situation was brought to light, the relationship between the “doctor” and CropLife had been on-going for 8 years.  When I objected to the conflict-of-interest, I got a letter from a lawyer threatening to sue me for defamation.  I never heard another word from the lawyer after I replied that the mafia uses the threat of broken bones; the chem/biotech corporations are well-known for using the court system to silence people (GMO crops and bovine growth hormone are prime examples).

I went to Ottawa to meet with the head of the PMRA, Karen Dodds.  She said everything was fine, no problem with the conflict-of-interest because the PMRA has a signed memorandum-of-understanding with Dr. Wolf.

See item 4.  Monsanto is now partnered with Dow Chemical.  Last week word came out that the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency – part of Agriculture Canada) and simultaneously the FDA in the U.S. have licensed SmartStax corn. I used this example to (yet again) tell the Government that when the food supply for our society is developed by the criterion that it can be sprayed with chemicals and survive, instead of the criterion of its contribution to our nutritional and health needs, it is pretty obvious that in Government the corporate interest trumps the public interest.  We have “a new genetically-engineered corn with EIGHT different insect- and weed-fighting traits”.

Health Canada should be in there front and centre, defending our food supply.  Nothing – it is not doing its job. In order to do its job, it has to stand firm against Agriculture Canada. But the “clients” of the PMRA (Health Canada) are the same corporations as are the “clients” of the CFIA (Ag Canada).  The only challenges to defend our food supply have to come from us.  We have a very large, impotent bureaucracy.  And well-placed collaborators with industry.  Read “Corrupt to the Core”.

Just prior to the announcement of the licensing of SmartStax corn simultaneously by the FDA (U.S.) and the CFIA (Canada), I phoned the new head of the FDA (it was surprisingly easy to reach her office) to register outrage. A lawyer who has worked back and forth between Monsanto and the FDA has been hired by the FDA. The lawyer worked on bovine growth hormone which got registered in the U.S.. In Canada there were whistle-blowers on Monsanto’s attempted bribery of Health Canada officials, one of whom was Shiv Chopra.

Ad nauseum for old-timers in our network I make the connection:  the pharmaceutical companies own the chemical companies and together they are the biotech corporations. The efforts to “harmonize” the regulations in Canada and the U.S. suggest they also own the governments. Items 2 and 3, following are:

2.  Robert F Kennedy on the American government working with the pharmaceutical industry, attempted cover-up of the link between thimerasol and autism.  (Thimerasol is used as a preservative in vaccines. It contains ethylmercury. The American government/pharmaceutical corporations continue to supply vaccine containing thimerasol to poorer countries.)  Thanks to Roger for sending in this article.

3.  Documentary “Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs”. Many thanks to Jackie from Ohio for sending it in.

I have a special interest in “Making a Killing” because of my experience at Royal University Hospital.  To make a long story shorter, I went to a walk-in clinic after 3 days of stab-like pains in my side.  An x-ray showed a large amount of fluid on my lung.  The doctor didn’t know what to do, and recommended that I come back when doctor so-and-so was on duty, which we jointly determined would be in two days’ time.

I was very sick but I had a full day to obtain information.  That was a mistake! As a consequence I asked too many questions of the “experts”, the doctors.  Following a Friday afternoon procession of doctors and tests and no answers, I signed a form to get me out of the hospital and went home to do more research.  In the end, when I went back to the hospital, a psychiatrist (maybe she’s a psychologist – I don’t know which) got hold of me.  She determined that I thought I knew more than she did and was hence a danger to myself.  Unbeknownst to me, she diagnosed me as manic, I was forcibly injected with anti-psychotic drugs which caused permanent amnesia of a period of time and I was forced to take more anti-psychotic drugs in pill form, over the next days while I was forcibly confined in the Psychiatric Ward.

Eventually, a year later, I laid a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons:  my human rights had been seriously infringed upon.  Through the complaint process the doctor-in-question disclosed the name and dosage of the drugs she injected (as part of her defense).

~ The internet is wonderful. ~  Using it I was able to show that she not only seriously over-dosed me, but that she did not even know the side effects of the drugs she administered: the one drug almost  always causes loss-of-memory.  She claimed I laid down faulty memory because I was in trauma, nothing to do with the anti-psychotic drug that they held me down to inject.  It was all a very bizarre experience.

The doctor (Donna Malcolm) stopped the immediate appeal route that is available to people who get locked up in a psychiatric ward by claiming that I had progressed so well under her care that I no longer needed to be locked up, I was being released.  And so she cancelled my appeal hearing. A doctor was coming to testify and had prepared documentation on my behalf, to show that there was nothing wrong with my mind.  I was released to internal medicine after a week of lock-up in the Psych Ward.  I was eventually diagnosed with tuberculosis, fortunately caught in the early stages before it became contagious.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons later stood by the doctor, in spite of all the evidence. They don’t let you speak and testify to them in person.  . . .  Add it to the list of cases that says self-regulation serves only the industry interest.

Anyhow – you will understand that I have a special interest in psychotropic drugs.  Actually it pre-dates my direct experience with them.  At the time of the Romanow Commission on Medicare, part of the information I submitted to Romanow was a summary of the work of Dr. Tana Dineen, author of “Manufacturing Victims, What the Psychology Industry Is Doing to People”.   She was a doctor at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr Tana Dineen experienced what most people experience when they take on “the system”.  I contacted Tana Dineen a number of years after she wrote her book which takes on the issue of  industrialized mediocare.   At another time I contacted Michael Keating, author of  “To the Last Drop” (1986)  which  contains important documentation of the efforts around making Canadian water into a commodity like oil and gas, the rights to which can be owned by corporations and sold for profit to the U.S.A., the NAFTA story.   Authors who have come under venomous attack because of their books sometimes move onto other work and are happy to leave that chapter of their life in the past.  But back to the issue:

You can watch “Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs” by going to the video link in item 3.  It tells exactly the same story as Tana Dineen documents in her book, in shorter form, in visual and auditory messaging.

And by the way, I beat tuberculosis by addressing the question of my immune system- not by using drugs.  Quite a number of you are walking around with the tuberculosis organism.  You’ll never know it because your immune system keeps it in check.

My reason for combating the organism without drugs is that the drug approach does not make sense.  We know absolutely that resistant tuberculosis has developed and is a deadly problem in Africa and parts of eastern Europe.  The drug companies are trying to find the “next cure”;  but more virulent organisms require more toxic and expensive drugs.  Our bodies can’t handle the increased toxicity, if they find the drugs, AND worse, people in poor countries can’t afford expensive new drugs.  It is such a patently stupid approach – all driven by the drug companies.  The book by John le Carré and film of the same name, “The Constant Gardener” is a chilling story on the same theme, based on true life information.   The book (not the movie) takes the reader to the University of Saskatchewan, as the protagonist tries to track down the people who murdered his wife because of what she learning about the corrupt practices of the pharmaceutical corporations,  in this example in their drive to develop and own the next “cure” for tuberculosis.   Le Carre’s footnotes say that his fictional account is like a pretty Christmas post card in comparison to the real-life corruption of the pharmaceutical corporations.   But back to the main discussion!

Poverty and other environmental factors compromise immune systems.  If we don’t look after other people, we will be the victims of our own self-centredness.  We create the conditions for diseases to proliferate.

Item 5. –  Michael Moore’s very funny “Sick-o” is yet another condemnation of the pharmaceutical industry and the myths we are fed.

– – please circulate widely. The facts in item 2 alone (below), make the heart sick.  I am sending this compendium to one Dean of a Medical School and to the head of one Health District.  I encourage you to send this to every single person you know in the “health” field.

Passing the email along will help heal your heart.




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Thanks to Jackie from Ohio who writes:

This is a video worth spending the time watching. There needs to be of an awareness and spreading the word about these things…




2009-07-25  Quick & Quiet, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)  approved a new genetically engineered corn with eight different insect- and weed-fighting traits (“Smartstax”), Montreal Gazette




A number of excerpts from his documentary can be seen on YouTube.  Here’s a couple.  I have to rent the complete video!



b.  http://video.google.ca/videosearch?hl=en&q=michael+moore+sick-o&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=LTFuSoOAHMGFtge9kPmIDA&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4#



(UPDATE:   two youtubes featuring Jenny McCarthy, one on Larry King Live.  I suspect that Big Pharma is doing as much as it can to put Mc Carthy in a bad light because she is convincing.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGW4a96GqGc&feature=related   and   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX-SCdjDOrA.   Consider what she has to say, in light of all the other evidence to back her up.  Many doctors, for example those who deny all the evidence,  have lost credibility.)

In her new book, Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, actress Jenny McCarthy shares her emotional story of diagnosis, hope, …

Excerpt from  http://www.oprah.com/slideshow/oprahshow/oprahshow1_ss_20070918/5

. ….  In recent years, the number of children diagnosed with autism has risen from 1 in every 500 children to 1 in 150 — and science has not discovered a reason why. Jenny says she believes that childhood vaccinations may play a part. “What number will it take for people just to start listening to what the mothers of children who have seen autism have been saying for years, which is, ‘We vaccinated our baby and something happened.”

Jenny says even before Evan received his vaccines, she tried to talk to her pediatrician about it. “Right before his MMR shot, I said to the doctor, ‘I have a very bad feeling about this shot. This is the autism shot, isn’t it?’ And he said, ‘No, that is ridiculous. It is a mother’s desperate attempt to blame something,’ and he swore at me, and then the nurse gave [Evan] the shot,” she says. “And I remember going, ‘Oh, God, I hope he’s right.’ And soon thereafter—boom—the soul’s gone from his eyes.”

Despite her belief, Jenny says she is not against vaccines. “I am all for them, but there needs to be a safer vaccine schedule. There needs to be something done. The fact that the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] acts as if these vaccines are one size fits all is just crazy to me,” she says. “People need to start listening to what the moms have been saying.”

We contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about whether there is a link between autism and vaccines and they gave us the following statement:

“CDC places a high priority on vaccine safety and the integrity and credibility of its vaccine safety research. This commitment not only stems from our scientific and medical dedication, it is also personal—for most of us who work at CDC are also parents and grandparents. And as such, we too, have high levels of personal interest and concern in the health and safety of children, families and communities. We simply don’t know what causes most cases of autism, but we’re doing everything we can to find out. The vast majority of science to date does not support an association between thimerosal in vaccines and autism. But we are currently conducting additional studies to further determine what role, if any, thimerosal in vaccines may play in the development of autism. It is important to remember, vaccines protect and save lives. Vaccines protect infants, children and adults from the unnecessary harm and premature death caused by vaccine-preventable diseases.”

…  Previously, 1 in 500 children was diagnosed with this neurological disorder. Today, Holly says 1 in every 94 boys is affected. For unknown reasons, autism disproportionately affects boys.

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