Nov 212013

Activist and journalist Elsa Rassbach explains the situation with the German
government and their move to acquire weaponized drones. There is currently a strong opposition to Germany’s drone acquiring that is making progress in their work. Rassbach also talks about the reaction in Germany to the NSA spying revelations and the protests for Obama’s visit that the media did not cover.

Elsa Rassbach is US citizen, filmmaker and journalist, who often lives and
works in Berlin, Germany. She heads the “GIs & US Bases” working
group in DFG-VK (the German affiliate of War Resisters International,
WRI) and is active in Code Pink, No to NATO, and the anti-drone campaign in Germany.  Her film short “We Were Soldiers in the ‘War on Terror'” has been released in the U.S., and “The Killing Floor,”  her award-winning film set in the Chicago Stockyards, will be re-released soon.

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