Jan 142014


I think I’ll start raising my own pigs!

This newscast reminds me that the Chinese have bought Smithfield Foods in the U.S. – one of the largest American meat producers, remembered from the battles over intensive livestock operations and the decimation of farmers.

You can see this next wave in the industrialized food supply, cloned pork from the Chinese – but produced in North America.

Or – –  will we be eating the meat that is being grown in petri dishes?  No poop!

(I guess we are getting a sample of how other countries have felt about American hegemony in the past.  And we don’t like it!  Somehow we (mistakenly) feel that if it’s American or Canadian, we have more control over it.

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Inside China’s animal cloning factory

With a robotic rover driving on the Moon and the world’s fastest supercomputer, China is emerging as a new superpower in science.

The country is spending vast amounts on research – so much that one leading British scientist says China is on course to overtake the US in 30-40 years’ time.

Science editor David Shukman was given rare access to one key area of Chinese research – a laboratory which creates around 500 cloned animals per year.

  One Response to “2014-01-13 China, cloned pig factory, BBC”

  1. Frank emailed:

    Hi Sandra,

    Again, why are people still eating flesh of any kind?

    I won’t go into all the arguments, but I, my wife any many
    others in the ‘environmental’ movement feel it’s not necessary
    to eat flesh. I’m a healthy eighty year old, half of that time vegetarian
    and the past couple of years, vegan.

    Save the planet, (oops, the planet can and will take care of itself)….

    ….if humans want to survive and that’s a moot point, then start by
    not eating anything with a face on it!


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