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Grant tried to post rebuttal information to an article on dental fillings on the “Best Health Magazine” website.

I tried (March 21).  The article omits any mention of the International Treaty.   I received notification that my input was under consideration.

March  29 – –  I assume they decided against posting the info.   It’s not there.


Hi….please read this short news article on mercury / amalgam. The ever so wise in Canada are saying amalgam is no problem! I am so glad they put my mind at ease…..they left no facility for me to comment on their wonderful report.


SANDRA REPLIES:   March-21-14

Subject:  Grant – I posted this to the HG article. It is waiting for approval

Hi Grant,

Will be interesting to see if my comment gets approved!!

This is what I posted:

I find this article to be disingenuous. 

Credibility requires at least a MENTION of the U.N. negotiations on mercury reduction, the fifth and final round of which concluded in January 2013.  Canada was party to the negotiations and agreements.  We are part of the international community that is striving to stop the use of products that contain mercury.  I don’t think I need to go into the reasons why that would be. 

Google the UN Treaty on Mercury.   

The “Parties” to the Treaty agreed to phased-in cessation of the use of dental amalgam (50% mercury). 

TEXT from the treaty: 

[1] UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/INC.5/CRP.4618, January 2013 

Article 6, Annex C, Part II, Dental amalgam Provisions 

Measures to be taken by a Party to phase down the use of dental amalgam shall take into account the Party’s domestic circumstances and relevant international guidance and shall include two or more of the measures from the following list: 

(i) Setting national objectives aiming at dental caries prevention and health promotion, thereby minimising the need for dental restoration; 

(ii) Setting national objectives aiming at minimising its use; 

(iii) Promoting the use of cost-effective and clinically effective mercury-free alternatives for dental restoration; 

(iv) Promoting research and development of quality mercury-free materials for dental restoration; 

(v) Encouraging representative professional organisations and dental schools to educate and train dental professionals and students on the use of mercury-free dental restoration alternatives and on promoting best management practices; 

(vi) Discouraging insurance policies, and programmes that favour dental amalgam use over mercury-free dental restoration; 

(vii) Encouraging insurance policies and programmes that favour the use of quality alternatives to dental amalgam for dental restoration; 

(viii) Restricting the use of dental amalgam to its encapsulated form; 

(ix) Promoting the use of best environmental practices in dental facilities to reduce releases of mercury and mercury compounds to water and land.

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