Apr 062014

Robert F Kennedy Jr  is a “warrior” in the public interest.   We have followed some of his work.   Now this:


Lois writes:

Robert Kennedy frames some of the problems we are facing here in Canada:

  • The environment and democracy are interlinked
  • You can’t have corporations running our country as they do not want the same things as Canadians want


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Past postings related to Kennedy:

2010-12-06 Excellent Video of Interview with Robt F Kennedy Jr re thimerasol in increased infant vaccinations and dramatic rise in autism

(Has a link to earlier posting.)

Somewhere there are postings from his visit to Alberta related to WATER.

I had the great good fortune to hear Robert F Kennedy speak in Saskatoon.  The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) brought him in as a guest speaker for a water conference.  At that time, he addressed our accounting models which allow corporations to pass off costs to the public to pay for.

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