Apr 122014

From:  Bennett
Sent: March-24-14
To: Sandy Finley
Subject: Snowden, et al


I am a great admirer of Snowden amd will listen to his presentation, likely tomorrow if all goes well (and it may not go well at all)

I have been harping on this privacy issue for a long time but people don;t seem aware or, perhaps, don’t care.

I don’t like this Assange fellow at all..he broke some rules that should never been broken

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From: Sandra Finley
Sent: March-25-14
To:  Bennett
Subject: RE: Snowden, et al


I’m happy we agree on Snowden!

Snowden went to Assange for help.

I think they used Assange’s experience to figure out a way for Snowden to escape the clutches of the Americans.  Didn’t end up in a prison cell like Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

I think it’s pretty clear that the Military/”Security” people in the U.S.  who were outraged when Manning got the video of the American helicopter gunning down innocent people in the street, including the Reuters journalist,  into media hands – – along with other “secret” and “confidential” stuff,  there was a campaign to discredit Assange in whatever way they could.   That’s part of what Assange suffers from – – manipulated people to create bad press.

You know what they did to whistle-blower Bradley (Clelsea) Manning behind closed doors.  Pretty unconscionable – as well as being illegal.  They are brutish people.

Assange was right to do whatever he could to save himself from extradition to Sweden.   The Swedes would have handed him over to the Americans.  At the time, I googled the current Government in Sweden – they’re in the pockets of the American “security forces”, just like Harper is.

There is a lot more that the world would not know about if Assange had been extradited and received the fate of Manning (or worse, because Assange is not an American citizen).   I wonder if Snowden would have been able to do what he’s done, if not for Assange.

Assange figured out how to make appearances at events and for media discussions, all from inside the Ecuadorean Embassy, while under heavy surveillance.   I think that Snowden’s attendance at a TED Talk is an extension of that.   Assange is a teacher.

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