Apr 172014

With many organizations now putting out lengthy lists of “good news stories” I have the impression of a rapidly mobilizing, empowered citizenry.

It’s like spring has arrived; there is new life shooting up everywhere around us!   I selected just a few examples.

Can’t celebrate if we don’t know about them!


1.     2014-04-17   Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight

2.     Pulitzer Vindicates:  Snowden Journalists Win Top Honor

Guardian and Washington Post each honored with Pulitzer for Public Service

Note:   I added a “sub-category” for Snowden and Greenwald under the category (right-hand sidebar) Solidarity with the Warriors.   A click on the sub-category will generate a list of the various postings related to Snowden and Greenwald.

Including this:  2014-03-24     He likes Snowden, but he doesn’t like Assange?  Input and response.

3.      You no doubt heard that the citizens of Kitimat voted AGAINST the Northern Gateway Pipeline!   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/kitimat-b-c-votes-no-to-northern-gateway-in-plebiscite-1.2607877

4.      Rippling waves from Kitimat:   citizens going to collect signatures to force a referendum in B.C. on the pipeline?     Northern Gateway B.C.-Wide Vote Should Be Next: Group   http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/04/13/kitimat-plebiscite-northern-gateway_n_5140878.html

5.      2014-04-01    Robert F Kennedy Jr in Vancouver:    Canada used to be our moral paradigm    Worth your time, not long, and besides, Robt Kennedy is one of my heroes!

6.       2014-04-17   Canadian Medical Assoc shows signs of intelligence.  THEY call for change!

7.      2014-04-03  Waves of Nationwide Action Planned at Key Historic Moment   

8.      2014-03-18   Did Canadians win the battle to stop purchase of F-35 Stealth bombers? (Lockheed Martin) 

  One Response to “2014-04-17 VERY exciting times! Look what’s happening!”

  1. it doesn’t matter what the citizens of Kitimat voted for; the pipeline will go through. This is what you got when you voted in a Conservative majority and coupled them a Conservative (calling themselves Liberals in BC.

    Its already game over folks; these are nothing more than PR exercises.

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