Dec 182014

Part fiction, mostly truth.

The Dalai Lama laughed and laughed.

But it was a serious discussion at its beginning.

The U.S. Senate Committee Report on Torture, terrible stuff.

Makes you vomit.

Said to myself:  at least the depravity is  “them and not us”.

Words to eat. . . .


I know of the Dalai Lama’s work with Western scientists to understand violence in human kind.

And I get the bit about “With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Hmmm . . .  by all reports the Dalai Lama has a twinkle in his eye and laughs, a happy guy.


“Your Holiness”,  I say.

Westerners teach the scientific method.  They are rational.

A smile played on his face.

I continued.

I want power and control of resources.  So!   money and weapons for the local thugs.

Sometimes I have to drop a few cluster bombs to help out.   It gets pretty good when we started using those drones.

But damn that Manning-Assange duo.  We were successful – – no coverage of our chopper guys gunning down those Iraqi kids and their parents along with the Reuters reporter.   Until Manning went to Julian Assange at Wikileaks.

And damn that young Edward Snowden and Greenwald guy.  The spying stuff got us and the NSA into a lot of trouble.  Internationally we took a big hit.

And … and,  Double Damn that Senator Dianne Feinstein and her Report into the Torture everyone knows we’re doing.   Those bleeding hearts that think the U.S. . . .  y’all know those Laws are for others if they’re stupid enough to sign on.  Don’t apply to us.

I started to laugh.  They think they can get away with it!”.

What’s even funnier  …  they are these INTELLIGENT fellows, but they believe they can kill and torture and no one is going to turn around and do the same thing back to them!   They think (believe?!)  ISIS is not a product they helped create!   They think WE are dumb enough not to understand:  violence begets violence.

How can anyone …?!    My chest heaved in laughter.  It is so preposterous that anyone would think there are no consequences of their actions.  Might be their kids and ours who eventually pay the price, but someday, sometime …   What school did they go to?  . . .  What parents don’t teach their kids the lesson, many times over?   reap what you sow … what goes around comes around.  Ya better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town.  I’m gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas cuz I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad.

And then we – –    ha! Ha!  Laughing so hard I could hardly talk – –  entrust decisions to these people who are deluded about reality and their own omnipotence.  HA! Ha!

In that tragi-comedy that life is, I laughed so hard, couldn’t keep my face dry of tears.

The Dalai Lama laughed and laughed.

. . .    Ah Ha!    YOU can laugh, too.   And here’s the fun:

If we all spread it, get everyone rolling in laughter over the absurdity of the thinking  (there are no consequences of our actions)  we can make a big contribution to the (r)evolution.   . . .  I believe it can work.

This is simultaneously the unveiling, in case you did not know:  

  • U.S. TORTURE:   Lockheed Martin Corporation is a “contract interrogator” for the American military.  Links to documentation from 2011 and 2005 are in the ADDENDUM  I sent to the University Board of Governors, again requesting that they end their collaboration with Lockheed Martin.

2011-01-11 (U.S. Torture) Lockheed Martin’s role, supplying Contract Interrogators through subsidiary Sytex

2005-11-04 (U.S. Torture)  Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin

UNIVERSITIES:  only do what is rational. Their beacon is science and the scientific method.   And they embrace Lockheed Martin.  Lockheed Martin who, along with everything else, is part of the depravity outlawed by International Humanitarian Law, and our own Laws.

The U.S. Senate Committee Report on Torture is immensely valuable IF we do something with it.   I googled Senator Dianne Feinstein.   Her Washington Office and constituency offices in California come right up.   I phoned and expressed my gratitude.

But laugh heartily.   And pass along the laughter.  It will be mightier than any bombs.  Expel Lockheed Martin, the “contract interrogators” from hell, to the American military torture programme.

If everyone knows what is done in the name of “rational”,  it will stop.   Laugh our duplicity with U.S. Torture into non-existence.    Part of the solution.

As told to the University Secretary, my Christmas wish for all of us is that we discard the empty rhetoric of “Peace on Earth”.  We can replace the commercialization of spiritual celebrations with deeds of meaning.   And so I wish you and your family a peaceful and joyous Christmas.   I wish the same for people in other countries, throughout the year.   We all have a role to play in making that happen.



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