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This is THE BEST!  Canadians are SO wonderful !!   I am still laughing!

2015-01-05  How I learned to stop worrying and love the torture, by John McNamer


They are the same effort:

  • End Canadian collaboration with lawbreakers  (think of Torture)
  • Re-establish the Rule of Law (many examples of terrible failures by Attorneys General and others in Canada to uphold the rule of law.)


In “the game” we become The Resistance to those who are weakening our democracy.


  1. What is the difference between a Partisan and a Resistor?  The line can be blurred.  But generally (thanks to wikipedia), a partisan is a member of an irregular military force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power …


How about this definition?  (an organization):  PARTISANS is an architecture and design firm held together by a collection of individuals with the drive to make our world a better place.


Hey!  We are both resistor AND partisan!

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In PREPARATION for more efforts to oppose control by the American military in Canada, directed at Lockheed Martin, two things:



You may find Russell Brand’s UK vernacular difficult.  But don’t stop the video.  He switches to regular English to emphasize the points he is making.  And his tactics appeal to a different group of people, many young and disempowered.  He is a leader with a huge following, not only in the UK.Interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now:

Russell Brand on Revolution, Fighting Inequality, Addiction, Militarized Police & Noam Chomsky


In a holiday special, we feature our interview with Russell Brand. For years he has been one of Britain’s most popular comedians, but in 2014 he also emerged as a leading voice . . .

Earlier reference in our network to Russell’s work:    Which companies invest in Gaza violence?   (directed at Barclay’s Bank)

(You likely missed this video – – it was part of an AVAAZ campaign, and embedded in the posting  Desmond Tutu: My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine)


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Many thanks to Mike for finding and forwarding this article.

2013-02-08   Lockheed Martin establishes Canadian HQ in Ottawa, Ottawa Business Journal


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Refresh memory:

2013-04-15  Lockheed Martin is desperate – – to get our money!   And what is the cost of one F-35 stealth bomber?

Canadians will be financially and morally bankrupted.   Sixty-five  F35 stealth bombers from Lockheed Martin.  Originally it was to have been eighty-five.   The price of each was $65 million, then $85 million.  Or higher.  The helmets alone, one for every pilot, are priced at minimum $1 million and up to $2 million.  Is that on top of the price of the F-35?  I don’t know.  At the lowest price, $65 million,  we are looking at more than $40 billion that we will pay Lockheed Martin.  (the links to the source documents are in the preceding URL.)

These are insane amounts of money that will not make the world a safer place.   With diversion of money away from addressing the problems of the society you end up where the Americans are, with growing violence.  The same in Canada.   – inevitable and growing violence:  “the problems” that need to be addressed receive less and less funding – –  public funds go to the military, making war and torturing.


Canadians have abandoned our role,  we are now collaborators with the Torturers.

2014-12-11   U.S. Torture: Lockheed Martin paid $81 million in role of ‘contract interrogators’

(This is a letter to the University Board of Governors.  It contains links to the documentation of Lockheed Martin’s role in the torture.  My reading of the form letter sent by the University in reply:  they do not plan to do anything.  They will continue their collaboration with Lockheed Martin.  Unless . . .  )


All for now!



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  1. The latest US estimate is $135 million EACH. with present exchange @16 % $157m.

    The planned expenditure for the 2008 Defence policy was 490 Billion over 20 years.

    So, the 65 planes were expected to cost $ 42 Bn >>>>>>$ 102 Bn.

    (but, how else can we deliver those LTM nuclear bombs to the North Pole ? )

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