Mar 102015

Under Bill C-51, you risk becoming a “terrorist” with no due process, when your actions are based on the desire to help address long-standing injustices, to make life better for people.

In my view, efforts to stop young people from going to Syria will fail if their legitimate concerns are treated as a need to “re-program” their thinking.   Many of them are responding to a long history of injustices in the Middle East, the actions of “Westerners”.

Danish filmmaker Nagieb Khaja is determined to understand why young Western Muslim men are abandoning their countries and heading to fight in Syria. So he embedded himself with the group Jabhat al Nusra, an al-Qaeda ally in the Syrian civil war.

Nagieb Khaja’s film is an important contribution to the debate on Bill C-51.

It will help

  • formulate right responses to “terrorists`
  • combat the propaganda.

I am afraid that the programs to “educate“ young people so they don`t join the “terrorists“ will be a classic “blame the other guy” scenario.

We need, instead, to see and accept our share of the responsibility – – our contribution to the situation. Maybe then we can find solutions.

Try and UNDERSTAND WHY people go to Syria to join the combat – – the Western contribution to the serious injustices perpetrated over decades. In the name of oil and gas appropriation in the Middle East.

Nagieb Khaja, filmmaker, interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC Radio, The Current.

  • The interview and Nagieb’s 25-minute film are especially important in combating the propaganda.


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