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These are threads that need to be drawn together:

1.    2008-05-23   Water:  Canadians should be SERIOUSLY CONCERNED  about Americans who want Water,  Robert F Kennedy Jr,   Canadian Press.     A short, concise article.

2.    2005-11-11   Americans will be AGGRESSIVELY after our Water, Peter Lougheed, Former Premier of Alberta.  The Globe & Mail

The reality is that fresh water is more valuable than crude oil.

3.     2008-02-14   Canada-U.S. Troop Exchange Agreement,,   “Civil Assistance Plan”.  

 In event of “civil emergency”, the Govt of Canada calls in the American troops.

4.     2008-11-28   Follow-up on Montebello, Police provoke Violence at SPP protest (2007)

It is VERY important that Canadians know about this.   At one time it was common for protests to turn violent.

The media would cover the violence;  citizens were then fearful of protesting.  There was a real stigma against protest.  The MESSAGE  of the protesters would be lost completely in the media coverage which centred on the violence.   “Montebello” was a significant turning point in Canada.

The Montebello video shows without doubt that police were trained, disguised and deployed for the purpose of turning legitimate peaceful protest violent.   The POLICE (Quebec) were the PROVOCATEURS.  THEY would have been the ones responsible for inciting violence, had savvy protestors not pulled down their masks and caught their faces on video.


What are the consequences of becoming ungovernable?

It happens over time.  A natural evolution when the Governments put Corporate Interest ahead of the Public Interest.


Of course, we will become ungovernable;  we see the growing “Wrong”.   It takes us a while to see what’s going on.  The light is dawning fast now.  Which means an acceleration in civil unrest and disobedience.  It’s not what I or you want.

But we will be identified as the reason for the “civil unrest”.   It will not be said that the P3’s are the reason for the unrest.   Those are Corporate Interests that will be protected.   By our own police forces.

The more powerful we become in our efforts to protect that upon which we are dependent for survival, the more assured we are that schemes will be hatched, propaganda will be rife,  there will be an “event”  – – and!  Bless me!   The American troops will be called upon.  Canadians are not different from Iraqis.   Indeed, many of us are “terrorists”, just like some Iraquis.  Or so we have been characterized, for example, by members of the Harper Government – environmental terrorists.

We need a terrorist badge!   Might as well self-identify, save them the trouble.




The American military-industrial complex seeps across Canada.  We soon have an economy that is dependent upon going to war, as is the American economy.  (A few years ago the figure was that 45% of the American economy is rooted in the American war machine.  Of course they have to wage war.)

A contract signed by the Govt with Lockheed Martin in January of this year requires Lockheed to put money into businesses in western Canada.

Not only is our economy headed toward the same dependency upon war, but our educational institutions (e.g. Dalhousie University) are further along in dependency upon scurrilous and corrupt corporations who have loads of money, much of it public money (the public pays for the contracts between the corporation and the Governmentln it’s nthe only reason the corporation has excessive “profits” to “gift” to the University).

(UPDATE:  Following Dalhousie, the University of Saskatchewan and First Nations educational institutions have been added to Lockheed Martin’s list.)



Genetically-engineered plants are now “Natural” for regulatory purposes.  The legislation serves corporate interests, once again.  There are big protests over the bill.  Just one more piece of legislation.   The Government moves the country step-by-step toward a tipping point.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


We are naïve, lazy and foolish if we think that the tactics used by the American Administration to get what they want in third world countries will not, and are not, being applied in Canada.  To get water to make money from.

To get oil to make money from.

The number of countries in which they have had their way is long, listed in other postings.  Iraq, the Congo, Central and South American countries . . .  Buy the political leaders.  Murder the natural leaders.  Use the military.  Use nuclear weapons.  Contravene international law.  No means of deception and treachery are too low.  There are no moral standards.

The warnings about the American interest in Canadian water that come to us from Robert F Kennedy Jr and from Peter Lougheed are only two of many.  Maude Barlow has written and been mobilizing people on this issue for more than a decade.

Andrew Nikiforuk has done a documentation of other analyses that lead to the same conclusion.

We have circulated the news that the two largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S., Lake Mead and Lake Powell behind the Hoover and Glen Canyon Dams on the Colorado River have a 50/50 chance of being bone dry in 13 years and a 50/50 chance that the hydro-electric power generation capability will have evaporated in under 10 years.  Millions of people and industry in Utah, Arizona and California, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas are dependent upon these disappearing water supplies.

Yes, there’s gold to be made in water scarcity.  And the corporate interest in that gold is not the public interest.

NAFTA, the SPP – – trade in water.  Access to water to make money.

(SPP = Security and Prosperity Partnership between the USA, Canada and Mexico corporate elites in collaboration with Bush, Harper and the President of Mexico.  It’s about water, energy, “harmonization” and “integration” with the USA.)

It’s not just water and energy.  It’s also the military.  Through the Troop Exchange Agreement signed on February 14, 2008 the Government of Canada will call in the American Troops in the event of “civil emergency” in Canada.

If we do not willingly give up our water to corporate and Big Government interests to sell like oil and gas, to make huge profits from, then how might they gain access?

Protests at the Montebello SPP meeting last August.  The Montebello video is of DELIBERATE attempts by police officers DISGUISED AS PROTESTORS to turn peaceful demonstrations against the SPP,  into violence.

The Montebello video circulated earlier this week is unbelievable.  Other people video-taped and circulated their own footage of the same protest.  Those videos show the same thing.

There is growing civil unrest in Canada, e.g. Montebello. Then one thousand people out to a public meeting in B.C. over the selling off of river rights to corporations.

You can see from the Montebello video that police have been trained on how to turn peaceful protest into violent protest.  LIKE IT OR NOT, they have also been ASSIGNED to the job.   It is deliberate;  they would have received their pay cheque for their on-the-job hours.   (I wonder what propaganda a police officer has to be fed, in order to be a party to clearly illegal police activity?   I wonder if they have any idea of what the Nuremberg Trials were about?)

It’s not a far step from “civil unrest” to “civil emergency”.  The latter can be CREATED through manipulation of a crowd of people.  It’s not hard to do.  The tactic has been used successfully for a long time, but NOT IN CANADA or so we think.  Fortunately there were astute people at Montebello who cabbaged on to the policemen who were disguised as protestors.  The police, the  “provocateurs“.

Fortunately there were video cameras.  Fortunately we can demand an enquiry.  (UPDATE:  a public enquiry was never held.)

Lockheed Martin IS the American military.  The Government of Canada out-sourced parts of the 2006 Canadian Census to Lockheed Martin.  The Canadian Military gave a $56 million contract to Lockheed Martin to look after the health records of the Canadian Military personnel.

Lockheed Martin manufactures weapons.  We have circulated the YouTube video of the consequences of the dust from the Depleted Uranium bullets that penetrate armoured tanks turning them into incendiaries.  The fall-out and consequences are not only for the Iraqi people, but also for the returning soldiers.  The American Military Hospitals – – surprise, surprise – – don’t have the capability to test for radiation poisoning.  They deny the effects, just as they denied the effects of Agent Orange on Viet Nam veterans.  And WE give the contract for the health records of the Canadian military to Lockheed Martin???

…  what I think is this:  Peter Lockheed (former Premier of Alberta) said (in 2005) that the Americans would be AGGRESSIVELY after our water within 3 to 5 years.  I think they are already well on their way.  The American Military and its tactics are already well infiltrated into Canada through Lockheed Martin (health records of Canadian military, the Census, contracts for fighters, Lockheed contracts to Canadian companies, Lockheed donations to Dalhousie University (update:  also to the University of Saskatchewan)  to buy off its detractors) and in other ways.

The police tactics used at Montebello are nothing more than part of the groundwork.  Think of the consequences, HAD THE POLICE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN TURNING PEACEFUL PROTEST INTO VIOLENCE:

  • the Canadian public would be upset that there are violent protesters in Canada.  (There aren’t, unless police plants are successful in riling up the crowd, deliberately, tactically, strategically turning peaceful protest into violence.)
  • the media coverage would have focused solely on the violent protestors.
  • the people who will benefit from the transfer of water to the U.S. NEED Canadians to get comfortable with increased “policing” because, after all, we have these violent protestors.

The people behind the SPP (access to and saleability of Canadian water) need to have the ability to “call in the troops” because it is unlikely that we will peacefully sit by while the water becomes a commodity like oil and gas, one that we are forced to “trade” with the U.S. for money.  Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians has spent years relentlessly educating and preparing us for this day, thank Goodness.

–  The people who want access to the water NEED us to become fearful, if they are to accomplish their agenda.  The agenda is being accomplished under the SPP, this wonderful “Partnership” for “Security and Prosperity”.

Peter Lougheed said we should be prepared.  His advice is sound, the evidence is there if we want to see it.

As I see it, at every opportunity we must challenge Government actions that transfer money and power to corporations. Those actions DIS-empower and weaken us.  The money is diverted away from strengthening our communities through education and health.  The business of Government is no longer the business of the people.  We are duped into financing corporate interests.

We have to connect with more people, to build a larger mass.  We have to get Lockheed Martin (the American Military) out of Canada.  And we can do it.



2021-02-14  The New Canada Water Agency.    Includes whether through water issues it’s possible to get a handle on the distinctions between revolution, insurgency, counter-insurgency, etc.  – –  check:  the “includes” in the 2021 posting should probably be in this posting “Connection between state of police and America wants our water” or some other posting.


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