Jan 302011

It’s 3:30 pm my time in Saskatchewan, Sunday Jan 30. 

124,615  have signed onto the Avaaz petition.

200,000  is the goal. 

These kids are terrific.  Let’s give them a hand!   /Sandra 

Begin forwarded message: 

From: “Avaaz.org” <avaaz  AT  avaaz.org>

Date: January 30, 2011 8:51:03 AM GMT-05:00

Subject: Thanks for showing your solidarity with Egyptian protesters 

Thank you for signing the statement! Your name has been added. The more people join this campaign, the more powerful our call will be. Help spread the word — forward this link to friends and family, and join other Avaaz members in donating your status on Facebook: “I stand with the Egyptian people. http://j.mp/standwithegypt — Join me by making this your status message today!”

Thanks so much,

The Avaaz Team

Dear friends in the Middle East and North Africa,

The demonstrations in Egypt this week could be a critical turning point away from three decades of repressive rule and towards democracy.

So far the government has responded with tear gas and mass arrests, and the Minister of Interior has outlawed public gatherings. But the Tunisian people have shown us what is possible when determined citizens raise their voices together. And now the government’s resolve is weakening — even the Prime Minister is supporting the right to peaceful protest, and Mubarak’s family has fled the country.

 The situation could change within days or even hours, and what happens next depends of all of us. Let’s stand with those on the streets and build a deafening outcry against rampant corruption and political repression, and for democratic reform. Sign the emergency petition to President Mubarak and forward this message widely:


For thirty years, the Egyptian people have experienced crackdowns on the free press and increasing limitations on their freedom of assembly and ability to participate in politics. Hundreds of people were beaten and detained during the 2010 Parliamentary elections as the government blatantly intimidated the opposition and incrementally changed laws to tighten its grip on power. This week more than 500 protesters have been detained across the country, and the government has tried to block access to Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

But the Egyptians are undeterred and across the country are peacefully trying to reclaim the government to serve the interests of the people. And recent events in Tunisia show if enough of us stand up, this radical change is possible.

Let’s show the government that peaceful people are tired of the entrenched regime’s corruption and repression, and that the movement is too large to break with intimidation and violence. Let’s join the protesters and call for reform now. Sign the petition, and forward it to everyone you know:


Now is the time to stand firm and pursue our dreams of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

With hope,

Stephanie, Pascal, Alice, Rewan, Ricken, Morgan, Graziela and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS. Avaaz will work with internet activists to provide proxy servers to get Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks back up and ensure that critical messages of reform and real-time updates can reach the widest possible audience across Egypt and around the world.

More Information:

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Regular updates are being posted by Egyptian activists here:

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