Jan 132017

If you haven’t – – do watch.   Free viewing – – 8 episodes about 2 hours each.   Running this week.

If the CDC (Centre for Disease Control)  doesn’t come down in a ball of flames over the vaccination issue and what they’ve known (what we knew, too – – but not like this!)  it will be a wonder of the world.

Please pass along.

EVERYone should see it.

Subject: Vaccinations – Episode 3  (link below) will be available until tonight (Jan 13)  when it will be replaced by Episode 4.

Hey Sandra,


I Bet a lot of folks at the CDC are getting VERY nervous…..

Wait until you see tonight’s Vaccines Revealed Episode 3!

You are going to be an insider, and see what Robert Kennedy Jr. has shared with President Elect Trump. It’s the single most potent interview of the series.

FIRST – We have our exclusive interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.


AAAAND – We have a global screening of an exclusive 20 MINUTE version of the movie VAXXED!

The news outlets are buzzing with the fact that Robert Kennedy Jr. met with president-elect Trump to discuss Kennedy chairing a Vaccine Safety Committee.

This is HUGE!

And of course…the rabid pro-vax media is going crazy right now trying to cover up the story!


Share with everyone in your world, especially this episode. Have them get registered now @ www.VaccinesRevealed.com.

 And, now… Here’s your link to Episode 3



Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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