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Here’s how readers felt when they heard that a campaign promise had been thrown out.

By Sharon J. Riley , February 10, 2017 | TheTyee.ca

It’s clear that many Canadians were surprised — if not filled with seething rage — by Justin Trudeau’s announcement last week that electoral reform was no longer in the mandate for Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould.

Having made the promise 1,813 times (at least by NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s count), Trudeau’s abrupt about-face came as a shock to those who truly believed that “2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system.”

We asked our readers what they thought about Trudeau’s decision to scrap electoral reform. Over 1,500 responded — and roughly 65 pe rcent declared sheer outrage, plain and simple. Fifteen per cent responded they were disappointed, and another 15 per cent lamented they weren’t surprised — the latter, it seems, had been sceptical of Trudeau’s intentions from the beginning.

Will Trudeau be able to regain voters’ trust, or was this an unredeemable reversal of priorities?

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For many readers, it seems this was a deafening blow from a leader they had trusted to be a man of his word:    . . . .

Others wondered if Trudeau could be trusted to act on other major issues.  . . . .

For some readers, the Liberals seem more and more like the Harper Conservatives:  . . . .

These two parties just keep giving the voting public the “old one two”…. they’re double teaming us and double-crossing us at the same time.

This government is pursuing most of the same policies of the Harper government that it replaced, except that instead of presenting those policies openly, the Liberals are doing it by deceit.

Trudeau’s Liberals during the election were a shining beacon of hope for all Canadians and signalled an end to the dark days of Harper. But that’s not what we’re getting.

I see Harper policies with a veneer of smarter public relations. Pipelines, abrogation of rights, and dishonesty.

Readers noted time and time again that not only was this a breaking of a key campaign promise, but that it had larger implications. Namely, readers pointed out that this decision would disillusion young voters who had supported Trudeau’s Liberals.

I really believed that after the 2015 election, I would not have to vote strategically ever again. What a way to let down all those young people who voted for the first time because they believed Trudeau was different from other politicians.

Having every vote count is basic to democracy. The Liberals totally bungled this opportunity to change the electoral system. Where is their proof that there is not enough support? A high percentage of witnesses and people consulted by the special parliamentary committee were in favour of changing to some form of electoral representation. The committee working together and reaching a consensus was a good example of how proportional representation works. What a terrible missed opportunity! What a disincentive for young people to vote.

I think it’s terrible, both because it is time for proportional representation and also because those who believed Trudeau, especially youth, will now feel that they can’t believe any politicians.

A significant portion of readers noted that abandoning electoral reform had cost Trudeau their vote in the next election:

To me, electoral reform was the Liberals’ most important promise. In the next election I will vote NDP or Green.

He really seemed honest and trustworthy, but it would seem I was fooled again by another politician who will lie and say whatever it takes to get elected. I am so disappointed in Mr. Trudeau. I will not be voting for liberals in the next election.

This is why I voted for Trudeau. I see a one term Prime Minister. He is failing us miserably.

He lied. There is nothing more to say, but I will never vote for him again.

And at least one reader wished some karmic ill will on Trudeau himself.

I really hope Trudeau’s hair falls out!!

  One Response to “2017-02-10 Tyee Readers Outraged, Disappointed about Trudeau’s Flip on Electoral Reform, by Sharon J. Riley, the Tyee”

  1. The Trudeau Family legacy,
    Pierre negotiated our independence from Britain (yippee) which left a soft squishy target open for endless corporate Trade Deals all with Investor Protection clauses.
    In 1974 Pierre allowed BoC Governor Bouey to transfer government borrowing from the interest free BoC to private sources at commercial interest rates . That interest which could have been applied to health care and education has now exceeded $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000).
    Justin has approved the corporate bitumen pipelines and ensuing increased tanker traffic.
    Justin is supporting the NATO provocation of Russia by sending troops and equipment to Poland and the Baltic.
    Justin looks as though he will renege on his promise to revise the electoral process.
    How much more of this Liberal destruction of Canada will you swallow?

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