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The mobilizations to ensure that Prime Minister Trudeau proceeds with electoral reform are inspiring!


E-PETITION TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS (the one initiated via the Parliamentary website).


closes March 2 at 11:20 a.m. (EDT).

NUMBER OF SIGNATURES  (written on Feb 10)

2 or 3 days ago  – –  80 some thousand.

Yesterday  – –  in the 90,000’s.

Today – –   well over 100,000 signatures.   (The number is at the bottom of page, also reported by province/territory).  Make sure yours is there!

100,000 is a trigger:  as I understand, the e-Petition now HAS to be tabled in the House of Commons.

But Please help push the number through the roof.  Forward to your friends.  Legislators need to understand that we mean business.


I sat in on a LeadNow organizing webinar this past week.   They are impressive.   It’s a pleasure to support them.   I expect to receive an electronic “kit” which I’ll forward.


FAIR VOTE CANADA  – –  they will be rewarded for their years of relentless education of Canadians.

Everyone is working together, same goal.

COUNCIL OF CANADIANS:    https://canadians.org/blog/council-canadians-chapters-push-trudeau-electoral-reform  

And others.


MY PERSONAL REASON FOR ADDING MUSCLE:    I ASK  Why the resistance to changing an electoral system that doesn’t deliver representative government?   . . . The corporations decided they don’t want to have to feed another political party!

To me, the debacle in the U.S. makes it clear:   in a corrupted 2-party system, citizens are left with no leverage in a first-past-the-post system.   The machinery behind-the-scenes is wealthy and powerful.   The revolving doors, the conflicts-of-interest, the pay-offs for collaborators,  the lobbying dollars,  the public money that ends up enriching the rich,  the offshoring of wealth so that taxes are paid by the servile,  you know the litany.     ONE way to improve our chances of reclaiming democracy is to break up the power and privilege protected within the ranks of two political parties by getting rid of F-P-T-P.

Electoral Reform is hard, but possible.  F-P-T-P  is a leftover of colonial rule by England.    Other countries have ditched it by now.    



FairVote writes:  

Help us send a strong message to the Prime Minister that Democracy is important to Canadians and we expect him to reverse his decision. He may think that this broken promise will fade away but he has broken our Trust and we will not forget. The only way he can repair this is to get back to the table to fix the mess he has made and to Make Every Vote Count!

Join a demonstration in your area! (INSERT:  some this weekend, some later)   See the full list online here:   (Scroll down . . .)    http://www.fairvote.ca/dayofaction/

SEND US PICTURES OF YOURSELF AT THE RALLY!! or Tweet us @fairvotecanada


FACEBOOK     if you’re on Facebook,





Too many to put in here,  but try  2017-02-10 Tyee Readers Outraged, Disappointed about Trudeau’s Flip on Electoral Reform, by Sharon J. Riley, the Tyee.

The article ends with Tyee reader’s Comment:   “I hope his (Trudeau’s) hair falls out.”  I cracked up laughing.

(Another good article from The Tyee:    2017-02-11 In Times of Grim Headlines, Read as Our Bad News Forebears Did, The Tyee

Thanks to Elaine for the Tyee articles and other information.

As I say – –  I AM INSPIRED!!    Canadians are really digging in.   Thank goodness.  This (Electoral Reform) is a critical battle in the struggle for democracy.






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  1. When politicians refuse to implement their stated promise to the electorate, they lose their credibility. The electorate develop an understanding that one political party is no different than the other. In this case the Liberals are no different and no better than the Conservatives.

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