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With many thanks to Jake from way down there in the USA!

He draws this Canadian story to attention.  I hadn’t heard about it.

The decision of the Board that heard the case against high school biology teacher, Timothy Sullivan —   UPDATE:   see  2017-06-12  Vaccinations:  Tim Sullivan, School Teacher disciplined

 The story is spreading fast,  and well beyond Canadian borders.   For good reason.

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I spoke with Timothy Sullivan:

I called Tim to let him know that there are lots of people standing behind and supporting him.  We had a good conversation – – he is well informed.

Tim has his own children; and his work is with kids – – in the classroom and as a coach of sports teams.

(NOTE:  Tim is not responsible for what I understood him to say.)

In our conversation, a source of information on vaccines that he came back to at least twice:

the folded-up, in-small-print paper that is enclosed with the vaccine itself.  (Drugs routinely come with an information sheet from the manufacturer on dosage, side effects, etc. .  So do vaccines.)

Tim applied known side effects stated by the manufacturers of the vaccines,  to what he sees among the kids.  Example:   4 of the 12 girls on the basketball team use “puffers”.   Known side effect:  inflammation of the bronchi.  He did not say that that was the only evidence he relied on, and it was not all that he cited.    A reasonable person has questions and looks for answers.  Nor did he say this which I am saying now:   I know that Tim is like thousands of others.  Once you open the file on vaccines, you see who it is that manufactures the “fake news”.  Thank-you big pharma.

(The increase in numbers of vaccinations given to kids from infancy on, is well recorded on this blog and elsewhere.  Not discussed with Tim.)

My ego self considers me to be more informed about vaccines than the “average” Canadian.    Tim Sullivan added to what I know;  but this posting is about what happened to Tim!

Tim has had calls from, e.g.,  Guyana – – a fellow there invited him down, said he had a place for Tim and his family;  someone from Australia contacted him,  …  etc.    Tim’s students and former students started a petition to support him.  The parents of his students support him.  Most of his fellow teachers have been great.

In Tim’s view,  lots of people are waking up to the problems with vaccines.   (But not his Union – – he went by himself to Toronto for his hearing.  He was appreciative that a knowledgeable lady showed up, to support and help him.   She was not allowed to speak at the hearing, because she is not a lawyer!)   He is currently waiting for the outcome of the hearing.

Tim has received some media from across Canada.  And local coverage.  But he said the experience has opened his eyes on media coverage.   (I noted to myself:  Yes, if not for our networks through social media,  I would not know of this very significant development.    People might KNOW about, and avoid vaccination.   It is an entirely different matter to remain standing when the well-intentioned and trained nurse comes with the needle pointed at your kids.   Who are the kids of other people.)

I discovered that the views of Tim and myself, on the corporatocracy that has usurped democracy, are in alignment.

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National Vaccine Information Centre (U.S.)

(I read “about them” and signed on to their email list.  Numbers count.)

Science Teacher May Be Disciplined for Urging Students Be Informed of Vaccination Risks

Story Highlights

  • An Ontario science teacher is facing disciplinary action for trying to ensure students were informed about the risks of vaccines they were receiving at school.
  • The complaint against the teacher is that it was inappropriate for him to express his concerns to the students over the risks of vaccination.
  • It is a fact that there are risks of serious adverse reactions to vaccinations.


In March 2015, science teacher Timothy Sullivan approached public health nurses administering vaccines to high school students at his school in Waterford, Ontario, Canada and asked whether they had appropriately informed the students about the potential risks of the shots they were giving. He noted that the teenagers were required to give informed consent and the nurses, therefore, had the obligation to make sure they were fully informed.1

Mr. Sullivan also made the point that, “some of the components in the vaccines were deemed ‘toxic’ in his science lab.” The nurse allegedly answered that they alerted parents and teens about common vaccine risks like fever or soreness at the injection site and she claimed that “a screening tool allows nurses to assess if there are any underlying conditions that would trigger a more serious reaction among students” and added that “the risk of death from receiving a vaccine is so very, very rare.”1

Who Decides What Facts Can or Cannot Be Taught?

The complaints against Mr. Sullivan appear to have focused on how disruptive his comments were to the planned vaccination event rather than the accuracy or inaccuracy of his views. The reality of vaccine risks for death and serious side effects has been acknowledged by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). All of these organizations have stated that vaccines may cause adverse reactions and death in a small percentage of patients. According to the CDC, “although immunization has successfully reduced the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccination can cause both minor and, rarely, serious side effects.”2

The CDC acknowledges the “possible” though “rare” association between “hepatitis B vaccine and anaphylaxis; measles vaccine and a) thrombocytopenia and b) possible risk for death resulting from anaphylaxis or disseminated disease in immunocompromised persons; diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine (DTP) and chronic encephalopathy; and tetanus-toxoid-containing vaccines and a) Guillain-Barre syndrome, b) brachial neuritis, and c) possible risk for death resulting from anaphylaxis.”2

An article from the journal Vaccine, published on the NIH website, stresses that vaccines are safe for most people, but admits there are “cases where a known or plausible theoretical risk of death following vaccination exists [that may] include anaphylaxis, vaccine-strain systemic infection after administration of live vaccines to severely immunocompromised persons, intussusception after rotavirus vaccine, Guillain-Barré syndrome after inactivated influenza vaccine, fall-related injuries associated with syncope after vaccination, yellow fever vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease or associated neurologic disease, serious complications from smallpox vaccine including eczema vaccinatum, progressive vaccinia, postvaccinal encephalitis, myocarditis, and dilated cardiomyopathy, and vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis from oral poliovirus vaccine.”3

In the case of Mr. Sullivan, he claims to be not so much against vaccines as for the concept of informed consent, although after acquiring the package inserts pertaining to the vaccinations being administered to the students, he said he found it “embarrassing really that I didn’t know about the effects as a parent, as a teacher, as a biology teacher. I was unaware of the severity of some of the side-effects.”

Mr. Sullivan has now been found guilty of professional misconduct by the disciplinary board of the Ontario College of Teachers.4 With the conviction of Mr. Sullivan, the college is asking for penalties including a formal reprimand, a month-long suspension, and completion of an anger management course.

In deciding on the penalty phase, the board could strip Mr. Sullivan of his teaching certificate and impose fines of up to $5,000. The complaint against Mr. Sullivan holds that he was out of line in addressing the students, and that it is a parent’s place, not a teacher’s to address vaccine concerns. Mr. Sullivan said, “I teach science. You don’t just teach one side of the story.”5


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  1. this society seems to turn everything upside down for profit. Its actually the disciplinary board that should be charged for professional misconduct to somebody who should be praised for helping his students decide an important matter in their lives.

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