Mar 312017

Patrick Gentempo and the others at Vaccines Revealed have launched an important initiative.

AND,  they are proceeding in a SMART way.   I watched the March 29th  Live Q & A to the end.   I think the burning light of Vaccines Revealed will keep burning.

Another round of free viewing of the 9 on-line episodes has been arranged.   If you, or parents you know, haven’t seen them:

Scroll down, another organization (The Truth About Vaccines) has joined in the work.

But here’s the first big push:

Vaccines Revealed – FREE

Please let me know if you have any trouble.

UPDATE:   Another organization joined the vaccine cause

Patrick Gentempo takes the view that Vaccines Revealed is not competing with other organizations;  everyone who gets behind the issue is a bonus to the work to be done.

He is open to  The Truth About Vaccines,  a second docu-series, to be broadcast April 12 to 19.   Patrick hasn’t seen any of that series yet, but knows some of the people involved.   He writes:

The folks that created a global success with The Truth About Cancer are now turning their attention to vaccines . . .  

I watched the trailer for The Truth About Vaccines.   It appears that the series will offer some additional, helpful perspectives.  So,  the two series are potentially complimentary.  I signed up, so I can check it out.   A bit of wariness.  I don’t know.

(I don’t particularly like this:  if you click on the link,  I earn a credit for having referred you.  . . .  I don’t need to be, nor do I like being  “incentivized”!   But never mind  – – –  transnational corporations and the corruption they are so good at,  is the issue.)



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