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(I sent #2 to the Dean of Medicine, U of S, with a short introduction.    If I was them,  I would like someone to let me know about the information that has now entered the sphere of informed public debate.)

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  1. Ontario legislation says the State Knows Better than you.

Bill 87, Protecting Patients Act, 2017.   UPDATE

May 30, 2017 Royal Assent received

Makes it very difficult for citizens of Ontario to make the decision whether young family members get vaccinated or not, and with which vaccines.    Charter Rights go out the window.   Vaccine Choice Canada supplied excellent information in the fight for CHOICE.  But I guess Big Pharma has more clout.

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(2)    I watched Episode 2 of The Truth About Vaccines last night.  (Also watched Episode 1)

I would fail in my commitment to you and to our kids if I did not take the time to send you the link to the series.  The information is well presented.

I don’t know how it is possible to make informed decisions about a very serious topic if you DON’T have the info.

We are participating in something that could not have been done a short while ago:

powerful technology, empowered people, with powerful information.



From:   The Truth About Vaccines [mailto:info@thetruthaboutvaccines.com]

Subject:   Episode 2 is still playing

Hey Sandra,

The feedback from our second episode in the series has been wonderful, thank you.

If you haven’t watched yet,  . . .

Please watch it right here and share it with your family, every parent (experienced, new, or expecting) that you know.  . . .

I’ll see you there,

Ty Bollinger

P.S.    We’re here to help! We want to make sure that you have everything you need to make an informed decision and I want you to get all your questions answered.

On each episode page, there will be a section titled “Live Q&A …” where you can submit your top 2 questions about that specific episode (or topic) and at the end of the series, we’re going to hold a live video broadcast where we’ll answer all your top questions from each episode.

This way you’re guaranteed to get as much information as possible so that you have everything you need to make an informed decision 🙂  . . .


  13 Responses to “2017-04-14 Vaccines, Powerful combo: technology + people + information”


    Sent: April 14, 2017 2:47 PM
    To: Sandra Finley
    Subject: Re: Vaccines, Powerful combo: technology + people + information

    Thanks, will watch tonight. I notice Dr. Suzanne Humphries is in it. She’s great…she’s the first one I looked up on this subject a few years ago…she totally shaped my viewpoint on vaccinations…and by implication, many other issues in the current practice of medicine.

    To me this is like the nuclear issue in certain ways….

    I learned SO much about deceit and Big Science Agendas from being deeply involved in that nuclear stuff for 25 years… researching then learning about all the spin, almost-pseudo-science, lies of omission, exaggerations, media & politician manipulation, “nuke-speak”, and other bullshit…and the almost religious or cultish attitude of the pushers/alarmists. It was an amazing education for me – an education in worldliness.


    Sent: April 14, 2017 3:50 PM
    To: Sandra Finley
    Subject: Re: Vaccines, Powerful combo: technology + people + information

    Why are you spreading this crap? Do you want to go back a hundred years to the time when smallpox, polio, whooping cough, measles, rubella, diphtheria, mumps, etc., were rampant? I’m old enough to remember when whole communities lost children due to communicable diseases. I also knew people who were terribly scarred by smallpox. I lost good friends to TB, tetanus, and hepatitis. Your source of misinformation is not credible.


      Sent: April 14, 2017 6:39 PM


      I was diagnosed with polio at age 3. Height of the 1952 epidemic. (INSERT: See below – – did I actually have poliomyelitis?)

      My kids were vaccinated in the early eighties.

      The world has changed in many ways since then.

      I have very serious questions about the number and kinds of vaccinations being given today.
      And the age at which they start the schedule.

      Unfortunately, as with other things, there is an enormous amount of money on the table.
      Especially if the vaccinations are purchased by the public purse.

      In the U.S. (the source of many of the problems) the pharmaceutical companies have a free pass.
      They cannot be sued if their vaccines do damage.
      There is a Vaccine Adverse Effects Compensation program, totally funded by citizens.
      A large percentage of the awards given are eaten up by lawyer fees.
      There are problems with that system.

      In spite of which, using the figures supplied by the program itself, (as I understand and it would be easy enough to confirm), more than $3 billion dollars have been paid out in compensation. Those are cases in which a healthy kid gets the scheduled vaccines one day and the next day they’re in severe distress and permanently damaged. There is no possibility of denial.

      I understand what’s happening in the same context as with the IBT Laboratory scandal in the U.S. in the 1980’s. It involved the chem companies, and pharma to a lesser extent. A journalist from Regina was an important player in uncovering and exposing it. Until that time, if a chemical was licensed for use in the USA, it was automatically licensed in Canada.

      It was discovered that the chem companies (and others like pharma) were “purchasing” the science they needed to get their products registered. They used “independent” labs. But compromised the “science” with their money. Monsanto was involved.

      Canada established its own independent approval process (the PMRA) after the IBT scandal.

      However, using the example of Smartstax corn (2009), I wrote: By 2009 they have effectively removed the “independent” approval system in Canada. Smartstax was approved on the same day in Canada, as in the U.S. Which is to say that the “harmonization” of regulation that the industry has been working on, is now in place.

      This is not to divert attention from the vaccination issue. But only to say: beware the corporates. Citizens always have to be fighting against its corrupting influence.

      I have no problem if you, or anyone else, disagrees with my position on vaccinations. I have to go with what I understand. I listened to the taped information supplied by the CDC whistleblower. William Thompson. He was the statistician on the 5-member internal CDC Committee tasked with manipulation of the data set to show a different outcome on the link between thimerasol and autism.

      To me, the information is overwhelming to say that there needs to be an investigation into the vaccinations, which if it happens, will help to clean out the corruption. And we can start anew.

      But rest assured, the next generation will have to do its own fight against the corrupting power of concentrated wealth. In the meantime, a lot of kids and families are suffering a lot because pharma is safely hidden behind the sacrosanct. It can’t be discussed.



        Sent: April 14, 2017 6:50 PM
        To: Sandra Finley

        There may be some corruption in the production and pricing of vaccines, but I do know that it is very much cheaper to pay for immunization than to pay for health care for the population if there is no immunization, to say nothing of the suffering and loss of life. Immunization is the most efficient form of disease prevention that we have, but of course to be maximally efficient it has to be universal.


          From: Sandra Finley
          Sent: April 14, 2017 7:08 PM

          As with other things, researchers are changing our understanding of some things.

          I received this input:

          I notice Dr. Suzanne Humphries is in it. She’s great…she’s the first one I looked up on this subject a few years ago…she totally shaped my viewpoint on vaccinations…and by implication, many other issues in the current practice of medicine.

          To me this is like the nuclear issue in certain ways….

          Humphries is joined by others in re-shaping the understanding.

          • KATRINA EMAILED:

            Sent: April 14, 2017 9:55 PM
            To: Sandra Finley

            > I notice Dr. Suzanne Humphries is in it. She’s great…she’s the first
            > one I looked up on this subject a few years ago…she totally shaped my > viewpoint on vaccinations…and by implication, many other issues in the > current practice of medicine.

            Dr Humphries does not appear to be a researcher. She is expressing opinions. I couldn’t find one piece of data to support her position.

  3. SANDRA FINLEY, continuing the conversation with Katrina:

    Sent: April 15, 2017 10:59 AM

    I’d like to put it to the test: the Truth About Vaccines reiterates that they want to answer any questions. I will submit the question of Humphries’ evidence to them to answer. Will get back to you when there’s feedback.

    (INSERT: the question – – was it poliomyelitis?)

    Back to the polio. I was diagnosed with it. I would have been a statistic among the cases to meet the criteria for 1952 epidemic status. But in my adult life I have wondered whether I actually had polio. My Mother kept good records. I had a look at them some time ago when I was curious about whether the thimerasol (mercury) used in vaccinations might have been a factor.

    (INSERT: a symptom of mercury poisoning identified as a symptom of poliomyelitis).

    I have not (yet!) followed thru on my intention to send hair from my first official haircut for heavy metal analysis, just as a matter of interest/curiosity.

    What the researchers are questioning is the historical record. Keeping in mind that different pharmaceutical companies manufacture their own vaccines, but for the same diseases. And within that, not all batches were/are uniform. I can obtain the citations for (I believe it’s factual and accepted): situations where the vaccine introduced the disease into a population.

    I just had a look at my early “immunization record”. The dates are recorded on the vaccine schedule. There is a hand-written entry by my Mother: Polio – May, June 20, Oct?

    On a different page, “Mother’s Notes”: On Nov 6, 1952 we took her into Dr. Kinnear in S’toon because she complained of pains in her right leg & he diagnosed it as polio. Had affected muscles in the right knee & she had a bit of a sidle in her walk. Skating seemed to be the answer in helping it. (I was taken to the skating rink almost daily, as I understand.)

    What the researchers are identifying is that there are toxins that can cause the same symptoms as the poliomyelitis virus. DDT is one of them. There are correlations between DDT use in agriculture and the onset of a disease epidemic. Simultaneously, the classification of what constituted the disease changed. There is the question of how the re-definition may or may not have changed the story of what was happening.

    Anyhow, there’s lots to ponder.



      Sent: April 15, 2017 3:03 PM
      To: Sandra Finley


      I’m not sure what you will do with the information you are seeking if and when you get it. I’d say that the odds for a happy life after use of the polio vaccine are a lot better than spending one’s life in an iron lung, as many did prior to the Salk vaccine coming on stream.


        Sent: April 15, 2017 6:12 PM


        The questions you raise are the same ones that others ask.
        Or, they just ask to be deleted from my distribution list!

        I hope you don’t mind: without identifying you by name, I documented our exchange in the “Comments” on (this) blog page.

        A copy of the 2 questions, as I submitted them to The Truth About Vaccines, is below (# 5 of the Comments in this exchange).

        RE: the Salk vaccine. This from the National institute of Health (U.S.):

        (The Salk vaccine) was not without tragedy –
        nearly 400,000 children had been inoculated with Cutter polio vaccine and 250 cases of atypical paralytic polio occurred
        . . . These incidents demonstrated the lack of oversight and safeguards . . .

        More about the “Cutter” vaccine below.

        So there was an outcry and there was more oversight.

        Then comes amnesia.

        And where are we today? . . . with several vaccines rolled into one, with many many more vaccines, and with additions to the vaccines that my common sense says “no” to. Don’t you put that into me!

        . . . e.g. You know how little of a particular ingredient it can take to upset the body’s functioning? Well . .

        QUESTION: do you want to receive borax by direct injection? . . . It is used as an attenuator (used in the vaccine to weaken the virus – – the vaccine can’t contain the virus at full strength).

        I was kind of surprised (sceptical) that some vaccines contain borax, so I did my own research. I did not realize how potent it is. I recorded what I found:

        (Scroll down to How are vaccines made? Then down to ATTENUATION,

        on the posting (fraud at the CDC) http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=18218 )

        July 26, 2016
        Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using borax to make kids’ arts and crafts, such as homemade “slime,” over concerns that too much exposure to all forms of boric acid can cause “ developmental and reproductive health effects” in children and pregnant women

        (See the posting – – there’s more.)

        Nice! But failure to mention the direct injection of concoctions that contain borax.

        Same story as the mercury in vaccinations. A world-wide effort to ban products that contain mercury because even in miniscule amounts it is highly toxic. BUT! Continue its use in some vaccines. Especially if they’re only used in 3rd world countries.

        Or, tell everyone to avoid fish because of their high mercury content – – when the main sources of mercury in humans is from dental amalgams (50% mercury) and from vaccinations that contain mercury (thimerasol).

        And so it goes.

        Best wishes Katrina.


        National Institute of Health, U.S. Excerpt

        C. Cutter and Wyeth Incidents
        Regretfully, the story of polio vaccine was not without tragedy. In April 1955, soon after mass polio vaccination began in the United States, reports trickled in to the Surgeon General concerning atypical cases of paralytic polio. Several paralytic polio cases were reported in California in patients who had received the polio vaccine about a week earlier but the paralysis only affected the arm or leg in which they received the injection. Each of these cases occurred in polio vaccine produced by Cutter pharmaceutical company.

        The Surgeon General immediately pulled all Cutter polio vaccine, but it was too late; nearly 400,000 children had been inoculated with Cutter polio vaccine and 250 cases of atypical paralytic polio occurred. There were also reports of the Wyeth pharmaceutical company polio vaccine causing paralysis and death in several children in the northeastern United States.19, 21

        It was soon discovered that some lots of Cutter and Wyeth polio vaccine were insufficiently inactivated with formalin leading to live polio virus in more than 100,000 doses. In fact, 16 lots of Cutter polio vaccine were retested and the first 6 lots produced were positive for live polio virus. These incidents demonstrated the lack of oversight and safeguards put into place before the vaccine was made so widely available. 12, 19, 21

  4. NOTE: the debate is focused on your right, versus the state right, to decide what will be injected into your body – – if, how much, when, how and what.

    It comes in the face of legislators in North America enacting legislation to take away your right to decide. Bill C-37 in Ontario has passed second reading.

    Thank goodness people like Vaccine Choice Canada are making submissions to the Committee of the Legislature. But they need help if the Legislation is to be stopped.

    We don’t see the contradictions: the legislation stands in contrast to legislation around reproductive rights. And there are issues around Charter Rights.

    The point is: vaccinations, what the pharmaceutical companies are doing, bona fide science, the historical record, an informed public, and so on – – these are not sacrosanct topics. Why can they not be discussed?


    I submitted these 2 questions to The Truth About Vaccines. And will report back when the answers are received:

    1. Would you please provide a summary sheet with citations re Suzanne Humphries’ work. And include 2 or 3 researchers whose work is in the same field?

    (Debate on my blog with a woman whose views are usually similar to mine: She wrote “Why are you spreading this crap? …etc

    I defended with example of Humphries whose work is changing our understanding of historical record.

    She countered with: Dr Humphries does not appear to be a researcher. She is expressing opinions. I couldn’t find one piece of data to support her position.

    I replied that I would put the question to you. I am thinking you might have a link that addresses the “opinion” versus “fact” of the historical record? Thank-you.

    2. I was diagnosed with polio on Nov 6, 1952 at the age of 3, by a city doctor. In adulthood I have wondered about the accuracy of the diagnosis.

    I was raised in a rural agricultural community – – Canadian prairies, Saskatchewan.

    I have my immunization record (not black-and-white, I have a couple questions about it).

    I have hair from my first official haircut, March 2, 1953 (and earlier samples from haircuts given by my brother and me).

    Because of the thimerasol used in vaccines, I have long toyed with the idea of sending the hair for analysis (if thimerasol was a factor in the early fifties).

    However, after listening to Dr. Humphries perhaps the better question is: was DDT being used in the early fifties on these farmlands?

    What do you think? One, the other, or both lines of inquiry?


    Sent: April 18, 2017 10:47 AM

    (Personal info) so I haven’t read the article. Having said that I still believe that vaccines are necessary to young lives and old lives too.
    Take care.

    • From: Sandra Finley
      Sent: April 18, 2017 2:12 PM

      Re the vaccines: the problem is with the corruption that has emerged, especially since the U.S. passed the legislation to exempt big pharma from any, and all, liability related to vaccines.

      The other huge side of it is that the media gives minimal coverage, if any, for example, to the whistle-blower at the CDC. Or to things like what they are putting into the vaccines.

      I have appended the email exchange with a woman (name disguised as “Katrina”) in which I covered some of the ground that gives me great pause on vaccines. Scroll down to Why are you spreading this crap?

      The thrust isn’t that vaccines should be totally eliminated. I don’t actually know the vaccine schedule in Canada, the info is American. But I do know that what they get in the U.S., they push in other countries. And the vaccines are the same. Injecting newborns, right after birth with Hep B vaccine is nuts if their parents are known to be Hep B free (which most are). On top of which, newborns aren’t sexually active and they aren’t intravenous drug users.

      Vaccinating boys against HPV to prevent cervical cancer doesn’t make sense – – they don’t have a cervix.

      I remember when they introduced and promoted rotavirus vaccine. It was contaminated with a pig virus. How could that happen, and did it actually happen? I went on the manufacturer’s website. It happened – – acknowledged right on their website. No repercussions for them because of the law that says they can’t be sued. Anyhow – – the list goes on and on.

      The vaccine schedule is mandatory (California); kids are not allowed to attend schools if they aren’t vaccinated. Doesn’t matter how much you might know about the vaccine, or which vaccine, how many, at what age, and along with how many other vaccines – – if it’s on the schedule it is required. The Ontario legislation is aimed at the same end. To me it has Orwellian aspects to it.

      It doesn’t matter if you can demonstrate that the amount of mercury, or aluminum, in just one of the vaccines is multiple times the allowable limit. Let alone what the levels are when you combine the amount of mercury or aluminum in the total combination of what they are administering.

      But enough. Except this: I don’t know what the comparison is in Canada. The amount of money received by the U.S. doctors’ (paediatricians) offices, for vaccinating their client list is, to me, staggering. They are on a quota system. They get the pay-out (from the insurance companies) if 63% of their kids are fully vaxxed, with the “Combo 10”. $400 per kid. The paediatrician interviewed has 13,000 clients. I just did the math. 63% is 8,190. He would get $400 for each one. $400 times 8,190 is $3,276,000. I double-checked the numbers because that is “staggering” to me. This particular doctor’s office foregoes more than $3 million if they don’t give the “Combo 10” to 8,190 of his kids.

      It is not the first time in history that medical treatments become pervasive whether or not they contribute to health. It’s according to how much money the procedure generates. Routine, fast procedures, assembly-line style generate gravy.

      The public picks up all the bills. The vaccines are sold to local jurisdictions – – I was surprised to learn that the CDC itself owns numerous patents on the vaccines. They promote, stock, and sell vaccines themselves. But of course, the pharma corporations manufacture (and get paid for) the actual vaccine.

      The American public also pays for the compensation paid to families who, first have to know about, then can afford a lawyer to go to the “Vaccine Court”, and finally who are able to win their case. More than $3 billion in damages have been paid out, which tells you something.


      APPENDED: a copy of the above exchange with Katrina.

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