Jun 282017
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PEI approves world’s first GM fish factory

(PEI is Prince Edward Island, a small Maritime province in Canada.)

The government of PEI has given the company Aquabounty permission to build the world’s first factory to grow genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) fish.

In 2016, Aquabounty told Islanders that it would not be producing GM salmon in PEI. One year later, in April 2017, it asked the provincial government to approve construction of the world’s first GM fish factory at its new facility in Rollo Bay, PEI. Aquabounty now says it plans to grow 250 metric tons of GM Atlantic salmon in PEI every year.

Experts originally conducted a risk assessment for Aquabounty’s proposal to manufacture GM salmon eggs in Canada, not GM fish. The risk of GM salmon escaping into the wild is serious, and could threaten wild Atlantic salmon, which are already in danger of disappearing.

Read the press release.

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Farmers take action on GM alfalfa

Farm organizations have once again written to the Minister of Agriculture to repeat their joint call for the federal government to cancel variety registration for all GM alfalfa until a full economic impact assessment is conducted. “Because we grow, process and sell alfalfa, we understand the risks and the unacceptable consequences of GM contamination. If this issue remains unaddressed by the Minister, we will all pay the price,” said Peter Eggers, an alfalfa producer in Alberta.

The letter asks the Minister to:

  • Deregister all GM alfalfa varieties in Canada.
  • Make the location of all GM alfalfa plantings public.
  • Set up testing of all imports of GM alfalfa seed from the US.

Click here to read the press release. Click here to read the letter.

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