Aug 052017

Ladakh is an old Buddhist Kingdom, high in the Himayalas, now a part of India.  The capital city is Leh.

It has lessons for us.

Series of Youtubes:    (The links work, even if they show as not)


1.  I watched    Ancient Futures, Learning from Ladakh.  You will see pictures of Helena Norberg-Hodge as a young woman:,   December 2012, an hour.

2.   Curious about Helena Norberg-Hodge, I then watched her TedTalkThe Economics of Happiness   (June 2011,  18 minutes)

3.   Culmination, very worthwhile:   Helena Norberg-Hodge Full Interview – A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity   (August 2015, an hour, 14 minutes.)



Two excerpts from #1, if you just want a sample.   These do not take you to the level of thinking that is in #3, the Culmination:

a.   economics:  June 2014, under 2 minutes.

b.   introduction (first 4 minutes of the film):, June 2011


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