Sep 152017

Very good video and written documentation.   With thanks to Alexandra Morton; First Nations Chiefs, people; and thousands of supporters.

Among other issues,  there is further excellent documentation of a Canadian phenomenon, the use of the RCMP to defend corporate interests AGAINST our laws.

Corporate interests act with impunity.   The RCMP respond when the corporate interest beckons.  The whole “justice” system responds to the corporate interest that is breaking the laws, but will not respond to people who are on the right side of the law.

  • it is illegal to harvest herring in these particular waters. Watch the video, see what happens.
  • the corporate interest is trespassing; again, watch and see what happens.
  • you will see other laws being broken, with no consequences.    It reminds me of
  • the RCMP used by Monsanto to intimidate organic farmers
  • the RCMP anti-terrorist squad called in to terrorize the inhabitants of Tom’s Lake over incidents on the Encana pipeline.  That was after futile, lengthy attempts by Wiebo Ludwig in particular, to have laws enforced that would protect his family and livestock from the poisoning that was happening from sour gas emissions.

BUT!  read on:

From: Alex Morton (via wildsalmonpeople list)


After decades trying to reason with government and industry, First Nations are taking matters into their own hands.

I believe we are seeing the end of fish farming as we know it.


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